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Remodels: Tiscali Formalizes Increase in Some Offers from November 1, 2019 – | Telephony | offers

Headquarters Telephone Operator a Cagliari he served officially for several days modification of the general terms of the contract some of the fixed lines Tiscali offers from November 1, 2019, Tiscali does not state the plans planned in an official statement on the General Terms and Conditions page.

customers tiscali interested parties will be informed of the increase in the monthly fee for one of the previous accounts and within the time prescribed by law in accordance with Article 70 of the Code of Electronic Communications.

According to some testimonies collected by MondoMobileWeb, plans are different, starting with those that can no longer be subscribed to € 19.95 per month to those from 24,95 €, Remodeling will go in stages, and now they are not included, it is not excluded that they will be included later.

Communications began on Monday, September 9, 2019. In some cases, tiscali will propose to upgrade Fiber Services to improve the connection speed of its customers. Furthermore, without prejudice to the possibility of withdrawal, buyers will be able to access offers that continue to have the same or in many cases lower prices than those offered to new buyers.

Tiscali's official communication

The operator justifies himself as follows: "Tiscali constantly strives to offer better service and invests in its technology infrastructure and customer service, therefore, in line with the market trend since November 1, 2019, your fee will undergo a slight change as stated in the invoice. Tiscili's offer is always one of the most competitive. Make sure the services in your area are available from other carriers and compare prices. "

If the customer refuses to accept this tariff change, in accordance with Article 70 (4) of the Electronic Communications Code, he may switch to another fixed line operator or exercise the right of withdrawal October 30, 2019 (Editor's note as Tiscali officially states on the information page) at no additional cost, citing a change in contract terms as the reason for the change.

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The Tiscali buyer can send a certified email to or a registered A / R of Tiscali Italia S.p.A. Contract Management Office From Illetta State Road 195 Km2.300 09123 Cagliari.

Alternatively, you can go to the Tiscali direct store or contact customer service at 130. Deactivation of the service will occur within 30 days of receipt of the customer's request and payment will be terminated by effective closing of the service and not after the specified 30 days

This 2019 has led to an increase in many tariffs by major telephone carriers. The year was not over, however, so new tariff increases by other operators were not excluded.

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