Sunday , March 7 2021

Resignation, Tuesday Conte at Quirinal. M5s, Pd and Leo for a new post at the premiere. Zingaretti: “With him for the pro-European government”

It wasn’t enough appeal to those responsible in parliament to bring back the crisis he wanted Matteo Renzi. That was not enough Giuseppe Conte gained confidence in both houses (although in Senate only a relative) and that he was the guarantor of negotiations on the formation of a third leg capable of replacement Italy alive. Shortly after 19, the prime minister issued a message with a final decision: he resigned with a view to returning to Chigi Palace driving a Count that you will have. The latest mediation over the weekend confirmed the inevitable: Giallorossi do not have numbers to overcome the undamaged vote on the report of the Minister of Justice Alfonso Bonafede on Thursday and the prime minister, if he does not want to be discouraged and loses any chance of staying, is forced to step down. For this reason, tomorrow, Tuesday, January 26, after passing in cabinet (called at 9), will go to Quirinale return the task to hand Sergio Mattarella. What will happen next? It is still very difficult to say. The path outlined by the majority forces themselves should begin consultations and therefore work for a new CEO: Pd, M5 and Leo have already given their assurance that Giuseppe Conte that would be the only possible balance for the coalition, even if a Chigi Palace do not hide the fears that la leadership it can be examined if the numbers needed to consolidate the majority are not found. The hypothesis circulating in parliamentary circles is that consultations take place in between Wednesday afternoon and Thursday. And one of the most accredited options is for Mattarella to give a research mandate to an institutional person, rather than a direct assignment to the outgoing prime minister.

Late at night Pd e M5s they gathered their ministers separately to review the situation and develop a common strategy for the next few hours. The line shared by all parties, from 5 stars all the way to Leo, is the lock of the outgoing premiere. “Con Conte,” Secretary Pd was among the first to tweet quickly Nicola Zingaretti, “For a new government that is clearly pro-European and supported by a broad parliamentary base, which guarantees credibility and stability in facing the great challenges that Italy is facing.” Phrases that actually followed the words uttered in the morning to the broadcaster dem Radio Imagine, when Zingaretti accused Matteo Renzi open “crisis in the dark“And reiterated that they intend to restart with Conte:” It is equilibrium point at this most advanced time. He took the trust four days ago and I challenge anyone to prove that someone else can cross that threshold, ”he said. It was the Democratic Party that would demand Conte al Colle today and resign: a request that was rejected by internal party sources, but which has been considered the only possibility for several days to convince the so-called “responsible” support the new executive.

The Pd line was naturally confirmed by the leaders of the M5 groups of the Chamber and the Senate: “The transition to the so-called Count ter is now inevitable“, They wrote in a note,” and that is the only outcome of this sub-crisis. A necessary step to expand the majority. We stay with Conte’s side, we will continue to cultivate exclusively the interest of the citizens, our goal is to get out of this situation of uncertainty that does not help as soon as possible. We have to run on Recovery, follow the vaccination plan, immediately move on to refreshments for the companies most damaged by the pandemic. The movement exists and is ready to do its part. ” Just as the government confirmed the prime minister’s step backwards, the European Commissioner for the Economy and former Pd prime minister spoke. Paolo Gentiloni“We are in a little trouble in Italy,” he said as he attended the meeting Pd Belgium, “In the midst of a crisis that does not help things, we need a government capable of guaranteeing that the crisis does not become a social crisis, that there is no financial crisis, that knows how to ensure quality recovery plan and confirm the pro-European choice, and instead we are insecure ”. Gentiloni defended the work of the dem at this stage, but did not hide the need to do more. “The Democratic Party is doing its part. I often talk to the secretary, members of the government and other friends, and as has often happened to us in recent years, we keep the barracks nearby. ” But, he added, “we always have to try to do it with a certain quality because if in the end you just keep the barracks standing, and the quality is not adequate, you risk paying the price “.

Knot of Justice – But why did Conte finally decide to resign and try Conte’s path? The problem is, once again, in Madame Palace where the executive director al Senate is still at 156 votes: last week they were enough to have confidence with a relative majority, but so far they have not risen. In addition, those votes could fall between Wednesday and Thursday, when the justice minister, Alfondo Bonafede, will present its report on justice. Some senators who voted to trust the majority – like Riccardo Nencini e Pier Ferdinando Casini – in the last few hours they were actually expecting their vote against. He did the same Italy alive, who was reticent in government: Renzi called on groups tomorrow night to decide a position on justice that seemed to have actually already been decided. “No one has yet said that we will vote against Bonafede, we must read the text of the report on justice,” said Senator Italia Viva Eugenio Comincini, one of those who has been among those who would like to return to the Democratic Party for days. “I am afraid it will be difficult to vote unless,” the former minister reiterated today Teresa Bellanova. Opposite voting would be the first welding of the axis between Matteo Renzi e Matteo Salvini, ready to turn justice into minefield for most. For this reason, the Deputy Secretary of the Democratic Party, Andrea Orlando, asked Bonafede for “signs of openness”, ie concessions on a fundamental issue such as the reforms brought by the Guardian of the Seal: from prescriptions to civil and criminal proceedings. A hypothesis to be rejected, according to what he declared yesterday Luigi Di Maio: “Wednesday’s vote is a vote on the government, don’t think it’s just a vote Alfonso Bonafede from 5 star movement“, Said the Minister of Foreign Affairs, explaining that” or in the next few days there is a majorityotherwise I’m the first to say we are sliding towards votingIt was the former M5 political chief who, in 48 hours, quantified the time available to the executive to find the votes needed to survive in the Chamber.48 hours, at the end of which Conte decided to resign.

Bettini: “Renzi gives signals.” Patuanelli: “That’s not the solution” – There is now a risk that, despite his resignation, Conte will still not be able to get the numbers needed to form a new government. For this reason, there are also those who have returned to re-evaluate the dialogue hypothesis Italy alive. The path that was rejected by the majority forces, but also by the leaders themselves. And which, however, risks being the only possible alternative to reconsideration. Today, the words of Zingaretti’s right hand have not gone unnoticed, Goffredo Bettini who armored Conte. But that did not exclude, at the same time, the opening towards the Renzians. “I don’t think there’s a possibility of launching other than Conte. It has to be a new government, in my opinion even more qualified, that gives a sense of a new phase, but Conte is important. There is no reason to remove Conte, “said the former MEP Omnibus and La7. Conte, he added, “guaranteed the country, brought the country back to the traces of Europe. He divided populism between mild and extremist.” violence, we can look at a new phase. You are actually showing that you make sense, not a mistake but a little leap in the darkness that he procured and you start giving some in Parliament signal, if there are openings in the Minister’s report on justice ”. Put, a dialogue with Renzi, which is currently very difficult to accept for 5 stars: “Whoever the problem is, there can be no solution. This is not a personal issue, but a matter of political reliability, “said the Minister of Economic Development in the afternoon Stefano Patuanelli. However, starting tomorrow, with Conte’s resignation, tickets are being redistributed. And negotiations are starting all over again.

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