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results on November 20th. Murray puts Britain in front. Djokovic gives Serbia victory over Japan – OA Sport

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14.27 ARGENTINA-GERMANY: With a score of 6-3, Struff wins the first set of the first match between Argentina and Germany. Will Schwartzman manage to balance things?

14.23 SERBIA-JAPAN: At 14.30, the third game of the day will start, and this will be a double Tipsarevic / Troicki Vs. McLachlan / Uchiyama.

14.19 ARGENTINA-GERMANY: Struff is very close to winning the first set. German climbs to 5-2.

14.15 ARGENTINA-GERMANY: Currently only Schwartzman and Struff exist. The score in the first set is 4-2 for the German.

14.12 SERBIA-JAPAN: With a score of 6-1, 6-2, Novak Djokovic got rid of Nishiok. Serbia leads 2-0 over Japan.

14.09 BRITAIN – HOLLAND: Andy Murray wins! The two-time Wimbledon champion wins the third and decisive tie-break 7-5, winning the match and scoring the first point in the UK. Partisans: 6-7 (7), 6-4, 7-6 (5).

14.08 SERBIA-JAPAN: Again Djokovic, unbound. In the second set he goes 5-2: now he can serve for the match.

14.05 BRITAIN – HOLLAND: Murray's crazy return! The Briton led 4-1 in the decisive match of the third set against Griekspor, but is now 4-4.

14.04 ARGENTINA-GERMANY: Schwartzman unlocks Struff, managing to cut it to 1-3 in the first set of this match.

14.02 SERBIA-JAPAN: Djokovic stretched to 4-2 against Nishioka in the second set after winning the first 6-1.

13.58 UNITED KINGDOM-HOLLAND: Go tie-break! 6-6 between Murray and Griekspor in the third and deciding set.

13.55 SERBIA-JAPAN: Djokovic is ahead of the set and 3-1 in the second against Nishiok.

13.52 UNITED KINGDOM-HOLLAND: Fantastic Griekspoor! The Dutchman cancels the break ball, goes up to 6-5 and secures at least a tie-break.

13.46 BRITAIN – HOLLAND: Murray recovers from 0-30 and wins the game 5-5.

13.45 ARGENTINA-GERMANY: Schwartzman and Struff's exit soon begins.

13.42 UNITED KINGDOM – HOLLAND: Griekspoor moves to 5-4. Murray serves to stay in the match

13.38 SERBIA-JAPAN: Djokovic wins first set 6-1.

13.36 UNITED KINGDOM – HOLLAND: Andy Murray Becomes Equalized! 4-4 in the third set against Griekspoor.

13.34 UNITED KINGDOM-HOLLAND: Murray counterattack! 4-3 for Griekspoor in the third and deciding set.

13.32 SERBIA-JAPAN: Djokovic's new break going 5-1 in the first set against Nishiok.

13.28 SERBIA-JAPAN: Djokovic interrupts, going 3-1.

13.25 UNITED KINGDOM-HOLLAND: Dutch Griekspoor goes 4-1 in the third set.

13.23 UNITED KINGDOM – HOLLAND: Griekspoor break! The Dutchman goes 3-1 in the third set.

13.16 ARGENTINA-GERMANY: Philipp Kohlschreiber wins! 1-6 6-3 6-4 for the German who wins the first point for Germany.

13.13 SERBIA-JAPAN: Immediate counter Nishioka. 2-1 for Djokovic in the first set.

13.11 ARGENTINA-GERMANY: Pella cancels three matches, but now Kohlschreiber serves for the match in the third set. The score is 5-4.

13.09 SERBIA-JAPAN: Novak Djokovic's Immediate Termination. The Serb goes 2-0 in the first set.

13.03 BRITAIN – HOLLAND: Andy Murray wins second set! 6-4 partial in favor of the British. The match goes to third.

13.00 SERBIA-JAPAN: The match between Novak Djokovic and Yoshihit Nishiok begins.

12.58 UK-HOLLAND: Andy Murray goes 5-3 in the second set.

12.55 ARGENTINA-GERMANY: Kohlschreiber is always ahead of the break in the third set (3-2)

12.51 UNITED KINGDOM – HOLLAND: Andy Murray's New Vacation. A match full of twists and turns. The British lead for 4-3.

12.47 UNITED KINGDOM-HOLLAND: Griekspoor counterattack comes. Equality in second set (3-3). The Dutchman is playing a great game against Murray.

12.43 ARGENTINA-GERMANY: Immediate interruption at the start of the third set for Kohlschreiber.

12.38 ARGENTINA-GERMANY: Philipp Kohlschreiber wins second set against Guido Pell 6-3. Let's go to the third one.

12.31 UK – HOLLAND: Andy Murray's break at the start of the second set! Dutchman Griekspoor won the first set at tiebreak.

12:27 SERBIA JAPAN: MATCH KRAJINOVIC! Serb wins 6-2 6-4 over Sugit and gives the first point of the day to his country. It will soon be the debut of Novak Djokovic, in the presence of Yoshihit Nishiok, who could beat Gael Monfils yesterday

12:27 SERBIA-JAPAN Two matches for Krajinovic

12:26 ARGENTINA-GERMANY: Kohlschreiber goes 5-2 against Pell, which avoids going into the third set

12:24 SERBIA-JAPAN: Can barely hold Sugite service, but now, at 6-2 5-4, Krajinovic serves for the match

12:22 ARGENTINA-GERMANY: Kohlschreiber break, leading 4-2 in the second set against Pell after losing first to 6-1

12:21 UNITED KINGDOM-HOLLAND: SET GRIEKSPOOR! it really is a remarkable performance from the Dutch who, with the acceleration of a direct tie-break move to Murray by a score of 9-7

12:19 SERBIA-JAPAN: Sale at 5-3 Krajinovic, sending Sugita to serve to stay in the match

12:17 UNITED KINGDOM – HOLLAND: Still undecided in match between Murray and Griekspoor, who will change the pitch again at 6-6

12:16 SERBIA-JAPAN: 4-3 and Krajinovic's service on Sugita in the second set; in the same, 3-2 for Kohlschreiber on Pella, who won first

12:13 UNITED KINGDOM-HOLLAND: Balance between Murray and Griekspoor, 3-3, not broken

12:13 ARGENTINA-GERMAN: 2-2 in second set between Pell and Kohlschreiber

12:11 ARGENTINA-GERMANY: 2-1 for Kohlscreiber in the second set at Pell, 4-2 for Krajinovic at Sugita in the same partial

12:09 GREAT BRITAIN-HOLLAND: And that's the tie-break of the first set between Murray and Griekspoor

12:07 UNITED KINGDOM-HOLLAND: Murray still pulls out of the game to the advantage and goes 6-5, while Pella finds it 1-1 in the second set with Kohlschreiber and Sugita cuts to 3-2 with Krajinovic, who still has the advantage in the break after already winning the first partial 6-2

12:04 ARGENTINA-GERMANY: Kohlschreiber wins first game of second set against Pell

12:02 SERBIA-JAPAN: Krajinovic confirms break of advantage against Sugit, leading 6-2 3-1.

12:01. Save up to 30 with a couple of good Griekspoor initiatives: 5-5. Murray at your service.

11:59 Krajinovic's break again against Sugita: Serb is ahead 6-2 2-1 and service against the Japanese

11:58 SET PELLA: Argentine wins 6-1 fight over Kohlschreiber

11:56 5-4 in relative silence for Murray; Griekspoor will serve to stay on the set. Meanwhile, Krajinovic went 1-1 in the second set against Sugita after winning the first 6-2.

11:55 Double break for Pella on Kohlschreiber: Argentine to serve for set 5-1

11:53 Despite break balls to their advantage, Murray still can't escape from Griekspoor: 4-4

11:52 Sugita starts again by winning the first game of the second set

11:48 Pella confirms a step ahead of Kohlschreiber and climbs to 4-1

11:48 SET KRAJINOVIC: Serb moves ahead 6-2 against Sugita

11:46 With some difficulty Murray goes 4-3 against Griekspoor

11:44 Holds Sugita's service, but now, at code 5-2, Krajinovic will serve for the first set

11:41 This time Pella's break arrives at Kohlschreiber: Argentine is 3-1 ahead of Germany

11:40 5-1 for Krajinovic on Sugita, who should now remain in the set

11:38 Griekspoor is still holding up well, still holding the serve and climbing 3-3 against Murray

11:36 Another Krajinovic respite: Serb is 4-1 ahead (heavy) on Sugit

11:35 Pella easily overtakes the joke, winning 2-1 against Kohlschreiber

11:33 Murray rises to 3-2 against Griekspoor, while Kohlschreiber prepares a difficult game (and two break balls) against Pell, taking a 1-1 lead

11:32 Confirms Krajinovic's Termination Against Sugita: 3-1

11:31 Griekspoor holds zero serve: 2-2 against Murray

11:28 Krajinovic's Zero Break Against Sugita: Serb now leads 2-1

23:27 Holds 30 Murray service against Griekspoor, goes 2-1

11:25 Krajinovic easily holds the serve against Sugita, taking a 1-1 lead

11:23 Sugita and Pella also win the first game, while Griekspoor goes 1-1 against Murray

11:20 The first match of the day is won by Murray with 30

11:15 Sugita vs. Krajinovic, Pell vs. Kohlschreiber and Murray vs. Griekspoor will be the first to serve

11:10 So in less than ten minutes, then, the match starts.

11:06 National anthems are played in three arenas of Caja Magica.

11:05 We remember the games played this morning: Serbia-Japan is part of Group A, Argentina-Germany Group C, United Kingdom-Holland Group E.

11:00 The warm-up phases of the three meetings scheduled for this first part of the day are about to begin

10:55 So let's start with the following three meetings: Filip Krajinovic-Yuichi Sugita in Serbia-Japan (center field), Guido Pella-Philipp Kohlschreiber in Argentina-Germany (second camp), Andy Murray-Tallon Griekspoor in the UK, the Netherlands ( field 3)

10:50 There are still days of heated debate over the problems surrounding the new Davis. Specifically, the case of the Canada-United States dual was on the line yesterday, with the Canadian lump sum giving 6-0 6-0 de facto, by regulation, to the Americans, and at the time of the Spain-Russia duel (midnight and a half), as if to confirm the sarcastic joke of Vasek Pospisil after meeting Italy: "See you here at three o'clock tomorrow"

10:45 Japan are forced to a tough win, losing 2-1 against France, to stay in the race for the quarterfinals. In Argentina, on the other hand, just one success is enough to secure them; The Netherlands, on the other hand, is in the same situation as the Japanese.

10:40 Novak Djokovic makes his debut in the finals, but will be preceded by Andy Murray. The fate of the two, the son of the new Davis format, turns out to be somewhat paradoxical: the Serbian will play in the center field, named after Manolo Santana, while for Scott, the reference field is third in importance, with less than two thousand seats (not all sold, however).

10:35 Let us immediately find out what kind of encounters we will see in the first part of the day that will see Italy fighting the United States this afternoon.

10:30 Good morning everyone and welcome to LIVE LIVE on the third day of the 2019 Davis Cup Finals in Madrid at Caja Magica.

Day Two Presentation – Day Three Program


Hello and welcome back LIVE LIVE third 2019 Davis Cup Finals Day.

Italy’s Corrado Barazzutti is back on the field again, playing his future in the challenge against the United States. The Azzurri are forced to win against the Americans (very important 3-0) to try to qualify for the quarterfinals as the best second.

The second challenge for Spain is Rafael Nadal, who, after winning against Russia, will try to secure first place in Group B against Croatia thanks to the success of Majorcan and double. The defending champions lost to the Russians 3-0 and are close to elimination, while at the Furie Rosse they are really close to qualifying.

A real clash inside and out is what awaits Australia and Belgium in Group D. Both defeated Colombia and today would have won the mathematical certainty of entering the quarterfinals. There will also be a debut for two stars of this 2019 Davis Cup: Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray. The former will lead their Serbia against Japan in a match that should not be underestimated, as the Nipponese have put France in deep trouble on debut; while the other will try to pull Britain against the Netherlands in a second match inside or out for both national teams.
It will be the day of the debut for Germany stripped of the number one Alexander Zverev, but in Part C, part of the Sfavorite against Argentina, which dominated Chile yesterday

OA Sport will offer you LIVE LIVE Day Two of the 2019 Davis Cup Finals Starts at 11am. Have fun! (Photo by LaPresse)

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