Rome, Roman realist Sergio Scarpellini died: he was 81 years old. When the prosecutors said, "Cheap houses for politicians"

entrepreneur Sergio Scarpellini he died this night in Rome. The Roman Realty Development, which he had 81 years, has long been seriously ill. defendant corruption as part of the process that accused him of the former head of the staff of Campidoglio, Raffaele Marra, his position was removed in July for his own serious conditions health. Scarpellini became a familiar face in the news because, among other things, he rented or "borrowed" his properties in the center capital parties, politicians and various institutions, including municipality of Rima, The Real Estate Agent is charged with paying a part of the two buildings in Marri to provide his services. For years, Scarpellini Group has ruled on urban planning agreements that required the issuance of administrative measures by the Municipality of Rome and the Lazio Region, the reality in which Marra had leading positions in the period 2009-2013, at the center of the investigation.

In the light of all this, Marra bought a Scarpellini Group flat in Rome in 2009 with a discount of four hundred thousand euros: a former manager paid him $ 700,000 instead of one hundred and one hundred. In March 2013, Marra received € 367,000 from Scarpellini for the purchase of the second Enasarca apartment in Via Dei Prati Fiscali, which was registered with his wife. The defense points out that it would be a "loan": the fact remains almost 400,000 euros, in no more than three years nothing comes back, and in some conflagrations dating from the summer of 2016, a man who was at that time the right hand of Virginia Raggi, talking to Secretary Scarpellini was considered "available "entrepreneur.

For the story, the plaintiff has been serving a four-year jail sentence and Marra, and the sentence is expected on December 13. Scarlett and Scarpellini were arrested end 2016Both have always dismissed the allegation, arguing that this is a simple loan. "This money," explained the former chief of the captain's staff, "was for my wife. The money would be returned, I was just a broker and turned to a friend to get that amount." "Marra could not do anything for me when she was in the Rome municipality - it was a justification for a real estate agent - He did not know anything about my professional relationship with the Capitol". The builder was released one week after he was arrested. The prosecution explained that it included a list of politicians who had homes in favor.

In a lawyer's statement, the Scarpellini family "asks, at least in the face of death, the media will admit to their relatives the truth that they denied them alive."

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