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Security, the government calls for suspension to make the change. Salvini: "the gift of the Italians"

RIM – At the day of the Senate DL Security debate, the government comes into play with the new one. A suspension was requested for the submission of amendments. The move came from representatives of the executive, Undersecretary of the Interior Nicole Molteni. This could also be a preliminary move to seek trust.

In the meantime, Matteo Salvini pulls the sprint to one of the key measures of the League of Doctrines. "I predict that security is going today and that it will be a step forward for the Italian security … We have enough Italian criminals … In security and immigration I will give Italian stricter rules for criminals." This was stated by Interior Minister Matteo Salvini on the program "Non stop news & # 39; from Rtl 102.5 interviewed at the request to help the wife of the Christian wife of Italy freed for the slander, but can not leave Pakistan.



Recipe, total conflict of the M5S-League

Minniti: "Country Damage." Opposition comes from criticism of former Interior Minister Mark Minnit, a member of the Democratic Party. In Circo Massimo, the transmission of Radio Capitali by Massimo Giannini, says, "Everything that can happen because this provision does not become a law of the state I consider important, but at the end this majority will find the balance to the detriment of the country,

What the Declaration Means

immigration, On the immigration front, the decree prescribes a doubling of residence time at the centers for repatriation: 90 to 180 days; the abolition of a residence permit for humanitarian reasons has been replaced by citizens' merit or medical treatment or if the country of origin lives in a natural disaster. Salvini also provides for the extension of crimes resulting in the abolition of refugee approval (sexual violence, drug trafficking, violence against a civil servant); the abolition of humanitarian protection by so-called. "Refugee Vacations"; exclusion of legal aid in cases where the appeal is declared impractical or inadmissible: court costs will no longer be borne by the state.

in reproduction ….

securityWith regard to the provisions on public security, the prevention and suppression of terrorism and the crime of mafia, the decree envisages a tightening of the rental of vehicles that could be used for terrorist attacks; an extension of the daspo for those suspected of dealing with international terrorism; while for foreigners considered a threat to national security, the withdrawal of citizenship will begin. Furthermore, it is considering the upgrading of the National Agency for Property Seized and Confiscated by the Mafia; the possibility for local police personnel to access police force interdependent databases; the expansion of urban daspo also in areas such as markets and trade fairs. It also deals with the topic of experimentation of electric impulse weapon (taser) by municipal police operators in municipalities with more than 100,000 inhabitants; the deterioration of sanctions against those who promote or organize an invasion of land or buildings and the widening of the use of the investigative instrument on the tapping of those who committed such a crime.

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