Tuesday , January 19 2021

Sunday Live: The Machine of Truth fits in the Marquise of Aragon: "It's not noble & # 39;

Marchesa from Aragon Daniela Del Secco today, on Sunday, November 11, he submitted machine of truth during the episode dSunday liveHowever, one of the most important issues, Marchesa, or is assumed as such, he replied in a false way, further increasing the suspicion of his origins.

Marchesa Daniela Del Secco submits to the machine of truth

After so much sensation, Daniela Del Secco, former contestant Big Brother VIP 3 [VIDEO], he decided to file machine of truth give another demonstration of your nobility. Obviously, however, the machine stuck, revealing, however, the absence of its blue blood.

As usual, the first three questions were to calibrate the device, later, D & # 39; Urso has gone to solving the main topics of the story. One of the first questions was, "Daniel, do you have noble origins, are you leaving the noble family?" The Marchesa, having heard this question, began asking the leader to clarify his question better, after that, Daniela answered the acclaimed "Yes". The machine immediately made a mistake. Barbara D Urso also paid attention [VIDEO]in the Marches microsolutions in response to that question, the leader said, "Why did you raise your eyebrows?"

Daniela Del Secco is not noble to the machine of truth

Marchesa he was a bit annoying, but without much attention he continued.

The other questions were almost all true, like the ones related to the title Marchesa from Aragon engaged in personal identification, or issue of production and sales of cosmetic creams. Another question that proved to be false was the story of "stolen carriage" by Maria Mons. In fact, the Marchesa claims that the time of Monshe entertained in fun by stealing the car belonging to her. However, this question was false.

After much draws and spring, Daniela Del Secco he asked that the question of the noble origin of his family be repeated. The manager gave her another try, but that's not good, duqnue. as it has been discovered today Sunday live from true machine, The Marquise of Aragon Daniela Del Secco had no noble origin at all.

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