Saturday , January 23 2021

Tesla, at the Bologna temporary exhibition hall

Elon Musk Electricians enter Bologna with a temporary showroom in the heart of the luxury shopping district. The Cavour Gallery will host the Tesla Model X SUV until March 2019, so the public can closely monitor the 100% electric Sport Utility Vehicle and Powerwall rechargeable lithium battery.

In addition to the environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing, Tesla Model S and Model X offer a 100% electric drive that is distinct from superior safety, outstanding design and unprecedented power. With unmatched autonomy and convenient access to the entire Tesla, Model S and Model X ecosystem, they have raised the standards of the 21st century, and software upgrades allow you to add new features, improve performance, and extraordinary driving experience. "Everything happens remotely without having to go through the Service Center," they say from home. "Visitors can also get more information about Model 3, the most accessible Tesla sedan, whose delivery is expected from the beginning of 2019," concludes Tesla. (SB)

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Mario Calabresi
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