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"Thank you for being near me"

Alessio Bernabei in love with Giorgio? Gossip

Mourning for Alessi Bernabeij: Singer Amici writes on Instagram

Alessio Bernabei announced several hours ago that his grandfather died: "Greeting – its words for commenting on a photo published in his Instagram's stories bernabei larger! Hi, Grandpa, you'll miss me. I love you ", It's really hard time for the former the Singer of Friends and gods Dear Jack who has been able to make space in the music world as a soloist in recent years. A hard, but calmly accepted moment, as you mentioned in a video message that was released right after its stories published in social network author Mark Zuckerberg.

Message of Alessia Bernabeia to his dead grandfather

"Hello everyone – Those are the words AlessioI wanted to thank you for all your condolences, I wanted to thank you because you are very close to me, and that means a lot to me. Unfortunately, we have to get used to the idea that we will sooner or later let our loved ones leave and not despair because the memory remains. And in my opinion he added, no doubt, thinking of his grandfather and all those who were not there anymore – every beloved one who leaves us is the protector of heaven that shows us the way. Life is made up of ups and downs, life is made from intersection intersections, from returning, looking at oneself and understanding, but these people, in my opinion, can show us the right path, and we have to live a life of happiness that deserves because life in the end nice. Thanks again, I love you ".

Newest news or Alessio Bernabei

singer Meanwhile, she continues to build her career and try to impose on the world of music sometimes with very successful works: just imagine a very successful Do you remember me? since the year scroso is far more beautiful than many summer singles that have had more views so far. We'll see what a singer keeps for us. At this point, we only have to express sincere sympathy for this sudden loss.

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