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The best kid, Dash and the Mediterranean win everything

Mediterranean and Dash: They are a child you can rely on if you want to lose weight in a simple and healthy way

a better kid

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In the summer, lift your hand, which, at least once, did not allow harassment caused by bones test. If you compare yourself with a mirror to a crisis, there is only one solution: go to the diet. Which one will follow? By browsing the web or browsing the main women's magazines page, many plans for food are proposed. Be careful, but not all the same. Many, who are quite restrictive, promise weight loss in record time, but when they're done, the results do not last. So are the best diets that allow satisfactory results?

Best child, how to avoid failure

Obviously not all that glittered with gold. Weight loss can be easy, but it is harder to maintain. This is stated Natalie Allen, a dietician and teacher at the Department of Biomedical Sciences of the University of Missouri, who, in an interview dated Reader's Digest, said bankruptcy was very common. Yes, once the diet is over, it is common for people to rebuild old eating habits and thus regain lost weight. The best child to follow? There are two identified, namely Dash diets and Mediterranean. Reason? According to Allen, we talk about balanced food plans that help keep your heart healthy and defeat hypertension without too much shortage.

"Psychological, as soon as we are told that we can not eat X, that's exactly what we want. The Mediterranean Diet and Dash simply limit the use of processed food, sugar and alcohol"said the expert.

Enjoying a Mediterranean diet

Mediterranean diet, according to what he saidAmerican Heart Association, favors the consumption of cereals, fruits, seasonal vegetables, legumes and calls for moderate intake of red meat and animal products. "Mediterranean nutrition is a viable diet that focuses less on quantity than on food quality"said Rachel Fine, a dietician.

Dash dieting, lose weight without too many victims

The Dash Diet, on the other hand, focuses on daily and weekly nutritional goals. It emphasizes the consumption of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and includes dairy products without fat, fish, poultry, beans, nuts and vegetable oils. It is recommended to reduce foods with high content of saturated fat and, of course, salt consumption. "Dash Diet focuses on lowering blood pressure through increased consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables"- Discovered the End."Unlike many diets, both the Mediterranean and Dasha, they do not focus on eating or avoiding certain types of macronutrients (such as carbohydrates or fat). It is rather about choosing better quality food"- concluded the expert.

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