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The Red Zone, still Salvini-Di Maio, has come to terms with the new MUP directive

Another directive Salvini signed, this time on so-called red areas in the Italian cities, those of whom will be held by criminals, drug dealers, robbers.
From squares with drugstores to occupation. The interior minister re-intervenes with a circular letter legitimate the extraordinary powers with which the prefects can intervene by bypassing the mayors every time the first citizens, despite the new instruments (starting with Daspo Urban), foreseen by the Security Ordinance, will not be able to maintain security and urban decor. A measure that safely enters a flat leg in the last days of controversy between Salvini and the Mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi.
And again, it is in conflict with Luigi di Mai: "I think that people who choose it, choose the people, that's ABC of democracy, make a voice and then judge at the end of the mandate."

The directive, sent to all prefects and for information to French police chief Gabriella, states what is defined as "operational guidelines on orders and anti-degradation orders and against illegality" and suggests intervention in the order of prefeasures "whenever the need for a systemic disorder of a criminal behavior that the population is being triggered by a growing social alarm. "The main goal is the dismantling of" market squares ", which physically disables access to places for merchants and traffickers.

Preconditions of the prefect may order the removal of identified persons "in urban centers characterized by high density of population and sensitive tourist flows or characterized by the existence of plurality of schools and universities, monumental and cultural complexes, green areas and catering and trade facilities".

The Call Directive prefers to convene committees of public order and public security immediately to determine the needs of cities and issue anti-degradation regulations that are considered necessary and indifferent. Beginning on May 31, the Ministry of the Interior requests from prefects to submit timely reports on the surveillance carried out and the consequences of the adopted regulations every three months.

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