Thursday , January 28 2021

Verstappen's father and his predecessor with Montoy, also in Brazil – Formula 1

Complicated Voice Records, Interlagos Record and Returned Name: VerstappenAs well as continuing the successful film, what happened yesterday on the Paulist trail between Esteban Ocon and Max Verstappen has a very similar precedent, but with roles, of course, with the main protagonists, differently.

We move the hands of the time machine to 2001: The Brazilian Grand Prix at the time was the third race of the season. This world started in Ferrari and so it would end but in South America the fastest Williams was BMW Juan Pablo Montoya. In his third Formula 1 racing career, after only two rounds, Michael Schumacher took over a hand at S in Senna and seemed to have flown without restriction on his first career success.

In the 38th round, however, on the fate of the race and at Montoy, the Asiatech strike, called Jos Verstappen, collapsed. Max's father just got back to the pit and came out of the stoppage behind Williams's steering wheel. The dubbing operation in this case went smoothly, but the problems stopped. In fact, the Dutch have badly calculated the distance from the Colombian car and, perhaps because of the cold tires, he literally hooked him to 4, before Subide do Lago.

Complete error estimation that you forced Montoya to retire with the rear end of the car completely destroyed. Interestingly, for a number of courses and historic complaints, even then, to benefit from the accident, was the Mercedes engine. Under the aircraft was actually the first McLaren David Coulthard, then he drove a German engine. Behind him Ferrari Michael Schumacher and Sauber Nick Heidfeld. In that case, Father Verstappen, was also forced to retire after the accident, he was not punished in the next Grand Prix.

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