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Wall colors: what color?

Renovate the house from the clone of the bona

"One of the most attractive stages in the construction site is the choice of colors!" An impeccable "moment because the restructuring is coming to an end, and the most demanding phases are now behind us. In addition, this is the phase in which the environment is finally beginning to make its final appearance."

"Usually we start from the beginning with a precise project so that there is coherence, color logic and color coordination in all environments. But when an apartment is inhabited by a large family, a small "deviation" from a steady path is inevitable: first of all because children – when the work reaches a certain point and the house starts to look like a real home – the ideas and tendencies that at least they try to respect their rooms, at least satisfy them at certain limits!

In this case, the main selection was white: the entrance, the living room, the kitchen (with the exception of the fasce above the kitchen bag) and most of the common areas are painted in this beautiful color, perfect for emphasizing the brightness of this home. especially we used RAL 9016, which is pure whiteand not 9010 which is warmer in white.

We've already seen the staircase improved with optical black and white overlays, and now we will come to the space where we instead give free imagination of imagination: rooms and bathrooms.

For the main bedroom, with the architect Isabella Franco, we suggested a intensely green oil, but only to the wall behind the bed.

he almost finished the parent's room

Niche on the side, which will then mount a number of bookshelves, is light gray (above). Another strong note of the rooms is the background of Osborne and Little, the drawing of Vernazze (photo under), which pans the window where the table will be placed (also the same paper for the walls of the main bathroom but in the second color scheme).laying the wallpaper in the master bedroom

Let's go to the kids' room. We painted a wall for a boy two different shades of blue, divided by the red horizontal border.


the baby room is over

Rosa finally came to the bathroom for the girls.pink finished

Finally, there is another little surprise terrace, where color selection varies from cheese to green moss, to come to light blue, But we'll analyze the terrace in the next episode! We only predict here wooden dressing cabinthat we have striped image… ".


Interior design and photo project: architect Clara Bona

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