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A Memorandum of Understanding on a Country of Fire Signed in Caserta, The Government has established an "action plan against fire in the country of fire" that shows "the special sensibility and determination of the government in the fight against illegal landfills and floods." We have a specific aim to protect the health of the population. Earth of fire, "the prime minister said Giuseppe Conte at a press conference in Caserta. But the press conference in the Caserta Prefecture begins without Matteo Salvini.

"No controversy and no mystery". Interior Minister Matteo Salvini did not attend the press conference in Caserta after signing the Waste Protocol and returned to Rome for "irresistible commitment". These are the sources of the Viminale, pointing out that the vice-president will be "the only government representative" to participate in the "Quirinale and Smoke Dinner Gala" in honor of Emir Qatar. "He could not miss," says Lega.


"We want the earth of fire to call Heartland, Signing a protocol today for combating illegal waste disposal, illegal waste and waste transport, "Conte said.

The government puts it in place "action plan against fire in the Land of Fire" it shows "special sensibility," Conte said, "and the government's determination to deal with the phenomenon of illegal landfills and floods, and we have a very specific goal of protecting the health of people from Earth's fires."

"The aim is for people who breathe this country in some areas of the Campania for years to be waste containers from other regions and other states," he said. Luigi Di Maio in Caserta. "" That's an important day, it begins an inter-mediation trip with Campania region to stop the Land fires, "he said. No one believes more than serial bombardment is the case. A phenomenon that, when suppressed, goes to other places. "

DAY - In the prefecture are also two deputies Matteo Salvini and Luigi Di Maio. "We have to work to ensure a culture of rejection, we will start a series of measures, in the meantime we will be faced with a number of critical issues," Conte added when he arrived at the Caserta Prefecture.

"Political synthesis has enabled me as the highest state authority from the state contract - explained the prime minister - who plans to increase waste collection to overcome the existing plants." "At a transitional stage, we will be able to work on a number of critical issues," he added. "Minister Costa will manage a series of urgent cases, but we need to speed up the circular economy, the system of" green "quotes."

"The government is working on a common solution without controversy, The goal is always to protect the health and the territory. The government agreement on the general issue of waste is a clear political-administrative direction: we must work on the shortest possible realization of the entire circular economy and make our economic system "green". Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio and Matteo Salvini, The Government is committed to "work on the culture of" recycling "- are still being read in the note - and make waste" produces ", with the aim of widening the spread of separate waste collection. At the same time, the Government is committed to managing critical issues that should occur during the transitional period, entrusting the Ministry of Environmental Protection with proposals and preventing these critical points for an innovative, concrete, viable solution. "

"I believe that, as always, all the differences in the government's viewpoint prevail. When we see each other and put ourselves at the table, at the end we always go further. But talking about incinerators today is like talking to a telephone booth with a telephone booth. Someone may still be fascinated by the old, but still the remains of the harvest, "said Di Maio - in connection with the controversy in Campania - in Pomigliano d 'Arco (Naples) for signing a Memorandum of Understanding for School Modification" I Think Di Maio added, responding to the press on the possibility of convincing Salvini about the inconvenience in the incineration - as we already knew before, because we signed a government contract six months ago "Di Maio stressed the need to focus on the separate collection of waste in Campania:"We have to invest in differentiated he said, because more jobs were created. With a 50% difference, we make a rule in the budget law, which says that if you produce less garbage, less Tari you will see that in a few years we can achieve percentages on the EU average. Moreover, he concluded - for incineration does not last for years and years. In the same years we differentiate and look to the future instead of looking at the past. "

"The Lombardy does not return, indeed the goal is to make the other regions progress. I do not want a returning country"Interior Minister Matteo explained in the morning Salvini, reacting to 5 stars, including Minister Di Maio, who from the perspective expressed the need to close the waste and energy production plants in Lombardy. "Waste," added Salvini, "everywhere in the world means energy and hot water. In Copenhagen, the incinerators will be opened by skiing and climbing while others are just museums. If managed well and controlled well, they bring more health and economics. "

And Gianni Girotto, chairman of the Senate Industrial Committee, repeated this, re-launching a government contract. "The government's agreement between the M5S and the League on Waste Issues is clear. Talking about the "Trevisom model" which now runs the most venerable Veneto, and not the "Brescia model" (13 Europe's largest incinerator in Europe, which is A2A), which also stops many Lombardy excellence. He talks about the closure of the incinerator and waste disposal sites. Not understanding it. "He writes in a blog post on a blog titled" The World is Venetian, Not Grievous ".


& # 39;We do not think the incinerators serve, even overcoming the ideological concept, The question is: does the spalion serve the Italian system? The answer is that you do not have to increase the number. This response is given by two regions: Veneto, which closed the two incinerators and Lombardy, which will soon close four because they can no longer feed. This is because, fortunately for Italian talent, differentiated grow a lot, "said Sky TG24 Environment Minister Sergio Costa, "Spalioners," the minister said, "are opposed to separate collection of waste, less incineration of less separate waste collections." If the recycling changes, it feeds the incinerators, so the project is lost. " "In Lombardy and Veneto, they are closed"waste energy". Because if it grows and grows, we are one of the first countries in the world to separate waste collection: the more you differentiate the less you burn. They shut down because they can not feed them, "Costa replied.

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