Wednesday , June 23 2021

WILLY BRANCHI, MISTERI ON MEANS OF 30 YEARS GORE / Video The Hyenas: Testimony of gay parties

In the second part of the service Helene in Goro recorded for homocide Vilfrida Luciana "Willy" Branchi, new interesting testimonies are being collected. Like Carlo Selvatica, who admitted having fun with homosexuals with a local boyfriend, Enee: Carlo would also be part of a group of friends who met at the Goro pizzeria and who would sometimes also take part in gay parties outside the region, including very young children, perhaps in some cases the juvenile. And perhaps the key testimony can be also Enea himself, who claimed that the generation of men who came to Gorou between the nineties between the ages of 30 and 50 came to a tour where the exploitation of homosexual prostitution was in the order of the day. And in which Willy could also come in, as Eeneas's testimony coincides with what last week Edward Gore announced, confirming that another boy with disabilities was also used. But Le Iene and Antonino Monteleone can not collect testimonies from one of the sons of what remains the main suspect for Will's murder. (Fabio Belli)


Iene Show continues to return to Goro for another episode of "cold case" unresolved over the poor Vilfrido Luciano "Willy" Branchi, killed 30 years ago in Ferrara on September 30, 1988. Following the release of new DNA tests last week, Antonino Monteleone and Riccardo Spagnoli again in Emilia attempted to deepen the "spectrum" of gay parties that emerged during the end of the last "chapter" on the twenty-year history of the poor the Branchi family is still without real guilty to the murder of their beloved Willie. After the first two years of investigation, the prosecutor requested a dismissal of the case, but Branch's family opposed: the investigative judge for years had given his reason and ordered a deepening of the investigation ten years earlier, but never materialized, on the alleged side of pedophilia where some young people from Gora were involved. After some of the "silences" he feels suspicious, Monteleone returns to Ferrarez to overthrow some alleged discoveries of key characters in the story about Willy Branchi.


After the appeal made by the brother of the victims in 2013, some "anonymous letters" will appear on which will be new testimonies about the alleged round of homosexual parties: clothing and strange gifts. "From this turnaround, Willy seems to want to come out and tell everything to his brother: it could be a motive. Those who participated in many could not afford it: the secret of these parties should not be revealed," they report disruptions in a report on the last service broadcast seven days ago. Meanwhile, the prosecution in Ferrara has set up new legal medical examinations to find possible DNA on the body of a boy who was killed 30 years ago: as we have already said our deep study, three years ago, some isolated DNA traces were discovered, where complete reconstruction was attempted through amplification and which could lead to the recognition of much more defined DNA.


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