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Zapata, nature force. Ronaldo & c., Evening no

Zapata puts Juventus's defense in a crisis. AFP

Zapata puts Juventus's defense in a crisis. AFP

Special evening for the goddess: the tris in Juve is worth the passage in the semi-finals of the Italian cup and the most important confirmation: the band Gasperini can win it with everyone. While Juventus raised the white flag.

top: atalanta
Looking for Cristiano Ronaldo and instead you will find Duvana Zapata, Colombian from Cali, with the number 91 on the shirt. The information is enough to understand the magical moment of the Atalante striker: Zapata has actively participated in 18 goals (17 goals plus help) from early December to today, more than any other player in the top five European championships for all competitions, Duvan is the power of nature : against Juventus first canonade worth 2-0 for Bergamo, then the ball stolen De Scilio and a delicious touch 3-0. It was a steady turnaround to the side in the clumsy defense of Juventus. Try to push him: he will faint you. There are now 20 seasonal goals between the league and the cups. DZ91 is better than CR7. Gian Piero Gasperini can finally smile even in front of Lady: his Atalanta scored a goal in 14 of the last 16 games of the Italian cup, practically everything but the last two against Juventus. In Bergam, in the party dressed up, the last taboo has also fallen. Gaspova Atalanta is a good football fan, but this is nothing new and this time he did not have any fears for those who have much more titles than her. They all ran and covered, groomed, and suffered, perfectly interpreting one result. A wonderful creature, but with a real dose of cynicism, which does not hurt. Now that God is a perfect machine.


flop: juventus
Take them all, but not Giorgio Chiellini. At the same time as the captain asked for a change of right-wing calf, Juventus raised the white flag. It is no coincidence that the goals we all achieved when he was out of the field exposed all the problems of the department in an emergency: in Barzaglija in the long run, Benatia succumbed to Bonucci k.o. Chiellio also added to Rome, forcing Allegri to schedule De Sciglia in the new role of the defensive center with Rugani. Former Rossonero was involved in two of the three goals of Atalante. It is difficult that Caceres, on the bench yesterday, can solve the problems of the entire division. Money keepers will definitely note: is it not appropriate to use the last day of retouching market? This time the stars are watching the Bianconeri. Cristiano Ronaldo (who was here in the second half, achieving 2-2), Dybala and Bernardeschi at the start, then replacing Douglas Costa: they all appeared in the sparkling night of Inter, unable to give a shock to the game. It is no coincidence that Juventus closed 90 minutes and made a knock on goal, however, he started from the foot of Khedire. So far, Juventus's strength has always been that players can change the game, with the elimination or the invention. In Bergamo this did not happen: Atalanta dominated the opponents thanks to better physical condition and greater determination. Going ahead in the Champions League will serve a lot more.

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