Tuesday , June 15 2021

【Daily Cup 2 years old with race comment】 Divorce Mars M. Demuro Jockey etc | Horse Racing News – netkeiba.com

The Kyoto 11R Day Cup was the most popular Admire Mars (M · Demuro Jockey) who won the 2 year start (2 years GII · Shiba 1600 m). The win time is 1 minute 35 seconds 4 (good). Popularity 6 is a popular number 6 popular as opposed to differences in horse differences and 5 more popular Happy Hours for 3 horses with 2 half differences between horses.

Admira Mars is a 2-year-old puppy Ritto, Yasuo Yomogo Stadium, Father Daiwa Mei, Mother Via Medici (Mother's Father Medicean). The total record is 3 wins and 3 wins.

~ Comments after the race ~
Admission of Admiral Marsa (M · Demuro jockey)
"I'm a good horse, I'm fine at the beginning, always a little behind, but I also ran because the rhythm was slow, I thought from the time of the new horse, but the distance is a little longer because there is another gear above the other. I also have good skills and a strong Horse's body has grown by 12 kilograms. Personality is also good, even if other horses are ranked, I'm looking forward to it. "

2 tatami shishibu (Kenichi Ikezoe)
"In the race the horses have calmed down, even in this step they used their legs. I went out in front of the atlase on a straight line but in the end I got the difference from the strength of a good horse, but this member could show you where to do it."

Three Happy Hours (Shinkuichiro Akiyama Jockey)
"I think they will have a distance depending on the way they came because they are good horses and I'm looking forward to going in the right direction," he said.

4 Danone Justice (Masaaki Kawada)
"I still think I'll grow gradually because I'm not in balance because I can not run well because I do not have enough balance to get good."

5 Donate Delta (J. Moreira Jockey)
"Although there are places that were blocked by straight lines, there were places where I worked hard, still the third race today, I think this horse needs experience, I think it will lead today's experience."

6 Yamanin Mahia (Takeho Jockey)
"I was wearing it with a focus on compromises, but it became a racing horse, which became more solid, but also a race."

7. Arrival to Suzuki Kanalo (Iwata Yasushi jockey)
"The horse ran better than before, even though it felt it was released when we turned straight, the distance was not a problem."

8 Incoming Travel Caps (Ryuji Wada)
"There's a little scary aspect but a horse of high performance, I hope I'll get used to racing more"


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