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Anxiolytic effect on Tetris. It turned out to be an effective easing of anxiety by playing news Nico Nico


One of the most popular games in the world, "Tetris", is a masterpiece of famous fallen puzzles.

It's well known not only to forget about time, but also to improve brain performance, improve alcohol, nicotine, drug withdrawal symptoms, and have different effects.

According to a recent survey, Tetris has found that it has the effect of alleviating anxiety.

While waiting for a medical exam and exam result, playing Tetris, it was said that the feeling of anger and scolding was suppressed.

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Four ways to change life positively with "Tetris Effect"

You can hinder your eyes from anxiety by creating flow conditions

Kate Sweeny, a psychologist at Riverside University, California, told Tetris as a good tool to deal with concerns over the awaiting serious news.

According to her, if a person can distract themselves, he can alleviate anxiety. And the most desirable way to do this is to create a state of "flow".

Flow is a concept advocated by psychologist Tsukuchi Mihai, and is capable of being deeply deprived of anything in the act. They are invited to the zone and the forgotten state.

They experience people in various areas such as athletes, musicians, writers, artists, etc. When entering the stream, the feeling of time is lost and even eating, eating and sleeping forgets too much.

This is the name flow, because it is a testimony to the feeling that those who experience it are transferred to the flow of water.

This course is not too difficult because it is disgusting, but it is not too easy to be bored, it is easy to get in when you are having an extraordinarily balanced weight.

Tetris that becomes difficult little by little to skill is perfect at that moment.


Tetris with the right degree of weight is easy to make the state of "flow"

The scientific work of Mr. Sweeney consists of three parts.

The first thing we did was ask students from law faculties to wait for the announcement of acceptance or rejection of the bar exam. Only a few of them can pass a bar exam, but it will take four months before the results are published. So, candidates have to take stress for a long time.

The following is a doctoral student survey during job search. They are in a very stressful situation that they have to apply for jobs such as universities and laboratories, and continue to wait for the answer they do not know if they will come for months.

In both cases, when I entered the stream, my sensation of anxiety was faded and I felt a positive mood.

Tetris used the last experiment.

Here I asked 290 students to take pictures. For that student, explain that the picture is displayed to students in other places and is used to assess the quality of the face – that is to feel uncomfortable.

And I asked Tetris to play in 10 minutes until the result of the evaluation did not appear.


The subjects are divided into three groups. In the first group of respondents, Tetris usually played a bit of difficulty a little bit.

Also, in the second group, playing Tetris that is so hard that the block falls only slowly, boringly as easy as it is, the third group is so hard that the block falls too fast and dislikes I did it.

After playing, I set up a questionnaire about the mood at that time.

Of course, the first group responded that mood became easier.

According to Sweeney's assumption, the first group that played Tetris with real difficulty would likely experience a breakthrough. Anxiety and stress are believed to be alleviated.

In addition to Tetris, this effect

Research results have been obtained by researchers at Oxford University in 2009 to ease the shock of traumatic scenes similar to Tetris.

The reason is because of "Tetris Effect".

When Tetris played for a long time, Tetris screen was long imprinted on the brain. Tetris disturbs me so I do not remember the memories.

This effect is expected to be a promising tool for reducing postpartum stress disorder, as well as suppressing appetite and nutritional needs during the diet.

Make the state of flow before the chest is frozen for anxiety

Of course, there are individual differences, and if you do not like games like Tetris you will not adapt. But not necessarily Tetris or the need for video games.

It just has to put it in a state of flow. If there is something I can forget and immerse, it will alleviate my anxiety.

This research was published in "Emotion".

By the way, in my case, it's the Pocopoko of LINE game. When you feel strong anxiety and irritation, you will feel smart as you immerse yourself in the game. However, since there are few friends, the clown is not collected, so it is easy to get into the trap of paying, so it is worth paying attention.

Reference: Study: Tetris is a great distraction to alleviate anxiety Mind Ars Technica / napisao / la muhao / uredio parumo

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Anxiolytic effect on Tetris. It turns out that playing has the effect of alleviating anxiety

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