Monday , January 25 2021

Changes to the terms of service “ahamo” have been officially announced, and family discounts can be applied for without benefits – Keitai Watch

  1. A change in the terms of service “ahamo” has been officially announced, a family discount can be applied without benefitsMobile watch
  2. Docomo changes policy with family discount ahamo subscribers do not lower discount rate for “family members”ITmedia
  3. ahamo supports iPhone and family discounts. Interview with President Docom Ii (Atsushi Ishikawa)Engadget Japan Edition
  4. Docom’s “ahamo” qualifies for a family discount, reveals President Docomo IiMobile watch
  5. ahamo subscribers also count as “Discount Minne Docomo” President Ii “Cannot work with subbrands”ITmedia
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