Wednesday , March 3 2021

Facebook asks independent audit agency to discuss indefinite suspension of former President Trump’s account – GIGAZINE

Facebook has an account with former President Donald TrumpStop indefinitelyHowever, this decision is decided by an independent audit organization.Supervisory BoardHe announced that he had requested a deliberation. With the approval of the Supervisory Board, Facebook will maintain an indefinite suspension of access to former President Trump.

Sending former President Trump’s suspension from Facebook to the Supervisory Board – About Facebook

Facebook calls on its Supervisory Board to make a decision on Trump ‘s ban Ars Technica

The supervisory board is a Facebook-independent audit organization advocated by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, and is made up of 40 experts, including former judges, former politicians, lawyers, political scientists and philosophers. When social media outlets like Facebook face difficult operational decisions, we can ask the supervisory board to review them and ask them to discuss their decisions and policies.

Caused by supporters of former President Trump on January 6, 2021Capitol RaidResponding toTwitterOrSnatchYouTubeIt freezes the account of former President Trump. Facebook also suspended President Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts for “at least two weeks” on January 7 of that year.

However, Nick Clegg, vice president of Facebook’s Global Affairs Division, said, “Our decision to cut off access to former President Trump was made in an unusual situation. The response to our decision shows that the private sector requires a delicate balance:” Facebook should have banned former President Trump. “Violence in the Federal Capitol was a product of social media.” It is unacceptable that the power of a private company is shown outside of political speech without responsibility. “

“In an open democracy, people have the right to listen to what politicians say, but that doesn’t mean they can say whatever they want,” Craig said. Former President Trump has appealed that his Facebook account be suspended because the incentive violates Facebook policies.

On the other hand, “the idea that technology companies have the power to ban democracy-elected leaders, even if an unlimited suspension of Trump’s account is reasonable, is of course a lot. People will be offended, and private companies like Facebook shouldn’t make such big decisions on their own.” .We agree, “Craig said before Trump. He revealed his motive by asking the supervisory board to discuss an indefinite suspension of the president’s account.

“The decision to suspend former President Trump’s account indefinitely should be made in accordance with the framework of a law agreed by democratically accountable lawmakers, but in the absence of such a law, we could not avoid these decisions,” he said. respecting the decisions of the Supervisory Board, an independent body that is binding on social media.

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