Wednesday , June 23 2021

Haruma Miura the first challenge to act as bartender Keigo Higashino's original drama "Dying Eye" – Film / Video News: CINRA.NET

"Series D Keigo Higashino" Dying Eye "

"The sequential drama W Keigo Higashino" Dying Eye "will be broadcast in WOWOW from March 2019.

The work on the Keigo Higashino novel "Dying Eye" has lost some memories after being hit by a weird man, but eventually Kishi Nakami Nanae died in a car accident a year and a half ago Barmen · Shinsuke Ameyura who knew that the man who committed suicide after being hit by her husband, Reiji's beautiful pictures are the main character. Shinsuke who began to doubt the truth about the accident is the synopsis of the world's madness and suffering loss as a result of the encounter with the mysterious woman Rurik, who suddenly appeared.

It is Miura Harum who will play the main character Shinzuke who works as a barman at Nishi Azabu shochiku, which will be the first major actor of the WOWOW series of drama. Director Kanamoto Masahiro, screenplay directed by Noriko Yoshida from "The Sequential Drama W Keigo Higashino", "Nesreća".

Haruma Miura, who played for the first time as a bartender, said, "I got permission from a friend's bar while I did not catch a cocktail scene and actually made a cocktail every night on the bar. Today, it was fun to make a cocktail and it was enough to make it personally (laughter) ".

In addition, "This work attracts the time when the devil's wonders in the heart come to the limit, and it attracts it exciting." Psychological puzzle of the people who are rocking self-defense and reconciliation. "Send me a message to the audience. .

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