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11/13 (Tuesday) 6: 40 deliveries

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Conquering the Japanese Conflict with Kobayashi and Conquering Successive Wins Accepted as the Top Weekly Week 11

Japan's Groningen MF Dodosanu team won the third win this season in the second round of Eredivisie 12. in Melbourne Yerke Haynenfake where MF Kobayashi Yuki belongs, contributing 2-0. Regular media also commended each other for brilliant control of shooting bullets and was selected for the week's eleven best.

He decided from the round of opening in the match against Excelsior (4-2) in the previous section, he brought that momentum to the game against Heerenveen. In the first half, 38 minutes, when he got the right-hand pass, he switched to the middle, leaving his left leg as he was. Pointing Face A spy hit the right side of the left upper left side and drew a nice bow.

"The Dutch paper" Telegraph "said" Valmeldam's first goal and Douglas's wonderful goal quietly placed the team, especially Douin's goal was enough to bend in the picture frame. Hee Wen-Fena's guard could not touch the bullet that drew a nice curve, "he admitted sensationally.

In the Netherlands, the book "Alfme · Dachabrat" was selected for Weekly Best Eleven in section 12 and placed on 4-3-3 right in half. "7.5 points" are awarded for individual rating and "Valmedarum and Douang have moved smoothly to Groningen".

He became one of the best in the Netherlands to continue performing incredible plays.

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