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Matsui Pearson, referring to general elections and rest periods Recuperation with initial environmental coverage after return – appeals appeal – model press

【Matsui Zuzuna / Model Press = November 12】 Matsui Zaruina, Now Kaori, Ohba Mina, Soda Sae Rika, Furuhata Nana, Arai Yuuki attended a press release held in Tokyo on December 12.

Matsui Pearson (C) models press
Matsui Pearson (C) models press

Matsui Zuzuna, who, after returning, recovers with the surrounding interview

Matsui responded for the first time after returning from vacation and said, "First let me say something, but please allow me to say a word," says Mr. Matsu, "this time I was worried because I lost my physical condition I am very happy to have separated for a few days and feel that I am very happy to resuscitate today so I can participate, "he said.

When asked about the current state: "Although normal as usual, since the handling meeting did not continue, I think it would be nice if I could take part in the handling session as soon as possible" and last week I also appeared in front of fans at the talk show and a high-level meeting, but "I was happy because I met the fans for the first time for a while and I heard" I was waiting "and cried:" I was happy. " It was.

What was the impression in many general elections? Discovering episodes during your vacation

Regarding the impression of PR engaging in this day for the first time in a while, "Members today are the members who were ranked in the election at the general elections and Yuki Arai who entered the SKE election for the first time this time, As I was member, I also made my feelings easier. "The court said:" This summer was said that only juniors were somehow managing SKE 48, Mr. Zurusina was not there and lost momentum With unwanted and unwanted momentum, things that fight with juniors in a way that they can pulling power when they come home as they come back are reported as power to everyone by doing them together. I'm glad to be standing together today (hopefully).

In addition, Matsua again asked about the results of the general election, saying: "It was said that the day must be ranked first for SKE and that it must also be ranked first for itself and for its fans. By the way, I'm in the country with which I do not remember because I was overtaking, but the line came from "Congratulations" from graduate members, line came from Mr. Suware (Rino), "Congratulations" to various people. "I realized that I was again the first place after I said, "I have a sense of realism," I said, "as far as I have rested, I will continue to attract the ECG momentum to 1st and 2nd place from here. I hope I can do that." Niccoli. "I came almost from the 6th grade of elementary school, but this time I was resting, I passed a dog I can not, I go to the park and refresh" (laughter) "I found out.

Also, while I was on vacation, the song "Sentimental Train" was released, but when I asked what I was watching the performance of the same song I did not, I cried when I saw it many times, Seeing, I feel that there is a place for me to return properly, and therefore the children of the members who are trying hard on my part here, I thought I looked very confident and looking forward to coming home, "he said in a nice way. (Modelpress Editorial)

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