Nogizaka46 “Nogizaka46 minuta TV” decision on live distribution “Important news” announced-Model Press

The new YouTube channel Nogizaka46 “Nogizaka46 is being delivered” will be broadcast live on “Nogizaka46 minutes of TV” from 21:00 22. It was also announced that there is important news in the program.

Nogizaka46 “Nogizaka46 minuta TV” live distribution decision

Nogizaka46, who started the “Midsummer National Tour 2021” for the first time in about two years, has announced the release of the 28th single to be released on September 22 and “Nogizaka46 New Member Audition” and is constantly attracting attention.

The live distribution of “Nogizaka46 minutes of TV” has been decided on the new YouTube channel “Nogizaka46”. (Editorial Board of Modelpress)

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