The weekend is free on Steam “Battlefield 1”. Free trial, 88% discount AUTOMATON

Currently on Steam, EA’s FPS “Battlefield 1』A free weekend game is in progress. Anyone can play this game for free for a limited time until July 5 to July 26.

“Battlefield 1” is an FPS released in 2016 that depicts the battlefield of World War I. The campaign mode consists of multiple scenarios based on a system called the Book of War. Battlefields with historical motifs, such as the Battle of Cambrai, where British and German armored wars were deployed, air battles set on the Western Front, and the Gallipoli campaign, which was a landing operation aimed at the center of the Ottoman Empire. You will experience this from the perspective of another hero.

And in multiplayer you can play up to 64 players. In addition to conquests, team death matches, raids, dominations, etc., game modes such as operations that reproduce World War I battles and are played on multiple cards are also recorded. Maps are available from urban areas to desert areas and trenches at night. In addition, the version you can play this time includes all expansion packs, with additional game modes, maps, weapons and more.

The steam version of “Battlefield 1” is available for free for a limited time until July 5 to July 26 (store page). There is also a sale that you can buy for 516 yen, with an 88% discount until August 5th. If you like it during the free weekend game, you can buy it as it is. The original version of this work is also distributed free of charge to Prime Gaming members (related article).

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