Sunday , May 9 2021

To Win in Toho Gakuen Turnaround FW Game High School Choice of Rugby (Daily News) -Sports Navi

  1. You dare to win the tournament in the reverse direction of the victory in the selection newspaper at the Daily Newspaper Sports Navi
  2. Sakai Gakuen is the second consecutive national high school tournament in Japan for the third consecutive victory! Gosho won the first victory of RUGBY REPUBLIC (Ragbi Republic)
  3. Sakai Gakuen has won 3 consecutive games! Gosho Real wins the reverse / national selection of SANSPO secondary schools
  4. The last Heasian king Sebasatsu. The most interesting football tournament in national gymnasium, the Jsports finals
  5. Tsubaki Gakuen wins the time lost in the semi-finals with Kyoto Seish! Conflict in Nara Prefecture will be won by Prince RUGBY REPUBLIC (Ragbi Republic)
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