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Tonneruzu Ishibashi Takaaki, "pasture" and shoulders fired two bullets

Takanawa Ishibashi (57) from Tonneruzu has updated the official Instagram on June 29th. He has released two footage with "Pagpan" and Chihiro Sugihara (23) in Fuji TV Speaker.

Ishibashi, AbemaTV special program "Keiaki Ishibashi premium third installment! Why not make friends with Takaaki Ishibashi? Live broadcast SP" (2 July 19:00 – live broadcast) on a photo with various celebrities While trying to make friends in the world of fun while you're trying to make friends. This Instagram also plans a special project that will receive video conversations from Ishibashija among those who followed the bill by July 2nd on the day of broadcasting.

On that day, he commented, "Pagan nostalgia … House!", And added two footage from Sugihara adding "# Ishibashi Takaaki", "# Sugihara Chihiro" and "# Pug" to the hash tag.

Two stars in the film "Akira Ishibashi Takanagi" (Fuji TV series). Sugihara is called "Pagpan" from Ishibashija, "resembles a weed" and "from the" Fuji TV tradition ".

Fans in these two footage, "I love Mr. Pagupana w" "Good combination" "Best sauce! Ugly," Face, I'm happy (laughs) "," Pašnjak, make my best (laughs) "," Zavidim "," The law that goes away when he treats him Taka, "" Pug-chan sweet, "" I can only look at Pugs "" Pugtail is funny "" Woman irritating genius "" Laugh home! Ww "" Good looking "" The pasture makes a great break! "" Who is the name of the rhetoric? "" Back is the face! "" There is no doubt that Pagpana's popularity is growing fast. "" Good face. "" I have a good name. "

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