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2 [TV캡처] Lifestyle a couple saved … I have property and custody.

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& # 39; Love to the End & # 39; Flood / Photo = KBS2 broadcast screen capture

[스포츠투데이 이소연 기자] Show original

In the "Love to the End", the tears of flooding have sunk on the Gwang-hyun Park death.

The daily drama KBS2 "Love to the End" (Lee Sun-hee, director Shin Chang-seok) that aired in the evening, showed Han Ga-Young (Lee Young) in guilt and guilt after the death of Han Doo-Young (Park Gwang-hyun).

In the past, Baek's boss (Choi Cheol-ho) took Gaoyoung, his favorite Jeong Han (Kang Eun-tak), Jeong Han moved to rescue Gaoyoung. In order to prevent the sin of Evil, he escaped by hiding Jeong-han's memory card with Senin's identity. Eventually, White House chief met with evidence. The Secretary General tried not to override the memory card.

Eventually he died of organ damage.

But in the meantime, Kang Yeol-hyuk (Kim Il-woo) went to Sayan and said, "You and your property will come back to you."

Power I shed tears: "Do I need to tell you something like this?"[19,659,010;

She explained that she was planning to bring the company up to the end.

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