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Lonely couple rescued f … Ronaldinho is a broken stranger & # 39; –

Entrance 2018.11.06 15:51Ronaldinho (38, Brazil,photo

) He failed to pay the debt and kidnap the passport. The only cash remaining on his bank account was only 6 euros (about 7600 wins).

"The Brazilian court ordered the seizure of Ronaldinho's passport, which did not pay about two million euros (about € 2.56 billion) of debt," Marca, spokeswoman for the Spanish diary Marca, said. "He said.

Ronaldinho's account balance was revealed when the Brazilian court seized his account to pay a fine. Ronaldinho, along with his brother, Roberto Assis, tried to build a fishing port for fishing boats in the protected area of ​​the Guia Aba River and sentenced to fines for illegal construction. But Ronaldinho did not pay a fine, and the Brazilian court seized the execution bill.

It seems Ronaldinho did not cover the debt, including high interest rates, when he got a mortgage loan for construction, Marca said.

Regardless of the balance of the bank, Ronaldinho has traveled abroad until recently. He allegedly visited China and Japan only in the last few weeks to record the commercials.

"Ronaldinho has visited Europe and Africa to promote new Nike shoes they have announced after their names," the Brazilian court said, which is a clear proof that Ronaldinho will earn income.

Ronaldinho was supposed to take part in the "Game of Champions" event in Frankfurt, Germany. However, the confiscation of the passport was uncertain whether or not the event would take place. However, some claim that Ronaldinho got a Spanish passport in 2007 so there will be no problem for a real trip.

Ronaldinho has won the popularity of football fans by gaining the nickname 'the stranger' with its unique appearance and & quot; personal period of gravity rejection & # 39 ;. In 2004 and 2005 he was named for the FIFA Player of the Year in Barcelona, ​​and in 2006 he led the Champions League in Barcelona (UEFA). In November 2005, El Clasico (against Barcelona and Real Madrida) won two goals in a fantastic season and got ovulation from my home fans Real Madrid.

After passing through numerous European clubs, including FC Barcelona (Spain) and AC Milan (Italy), he left football in 2015 after completing Plos Fluminense (Brazil).[19,659,010;

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