Thursday , January 28 2021

Arrested Choi Kyu-ho, Jeonbuk's brother, Choi Kyu-sung,

On July 12, the Jeonja police searched the offices and house of Choi Kyu-sung, Jeonbuk's chairman, Choi Kyu-ho, former Jeonbuk chairman (71). To investigate whether Choi helped his brother escape. The prosecution provided details of Choi's telephone conversation with Choi during the flight.

Prosecutors investigated confiscated the office of President of the City of Nara Innovation in southern Jeolla Province in the morning and secured the data box. Choi is suspected of helping escape an educated supervisor who was bribed for 300 million wins and escaped eight years.

Even if Choi helped his brother escape, he would not be punished. A person who conceals or avoids a criminal offense punishable by a fine of more than three years or less or a fine of five million or less shall be punishable by a fine in criminal law but shall not be punished if he or she is a relative or a member of the family under an exceptional provision. However, if you let a third party help you escape, you will be charged with the flight escaped teacher.

The prosecution focuses on determining the cash flow that the former supervisor used to escape through account tracking. Former Education Supervisor was arrested on July 9 for allegedly receiving $ 300 million in favor of land acquisition owned by the Department of Education during the 2007 expansion of the Kimsega Spa Hills golf course.

A former supervisor was arrested in a restaurant in Incheon on June 6, after eight years of notice that he would appear in the prosecution.

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