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Domestic researchers found the principle of the shape of a helical spiral galaxy

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Domestic scientists have discovered the principle of determining the shape of a galaxy composed of stars.

The Korean Research Foundation (KFRI) announced on July 30 that researchers at Seoul National University found a new principle that determines the shape of the galaxy. So far, different hypotheses have been suggested about the formation of a spiral galaxy shape, which is the most common type of galaxy, but remains a difficult problem because there is no clear explanation.

The team of Professor has explained that block structures appear during the collision of two or more galaxies, collecting more than a few hundred galaxies. The researchers analyzed 105 galaxies and 1377 spiral galaxies from external observations of the galaxies and found that the appearance of rod shape is high in collision galaxies. The explanation is that the galaxy with huge gravitational forces is mutually mixed, the force acting on the galaxy changes, and thus the rod structure is created.

The hypothesis that the baryal structure is formed during the impulse process of the galaxy is mentioned only in work about 20 years ago. However, this is revealed by analyzing the observation data in this study.

Professor Im said, "This study is a good example of how galaxy features can control the surrounding environment," and added, "We have proposed a new paradigm for studying galactic bar structures."

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