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Dynamics Shilla announces traditional markets

Dynamics Shilla announces traditional markets
[아시아경제 지연진 기자] Shilla Duty Free Shop announced that it has successfully completed the first phase of the "Chinese Alumni Alumni Group", which this year was launched to inform foreigners about the traditional market. The next year we intend to increase the size of our volunteer groups twice and continue our activities.

In the past, Silla Duty Free has organized a Volunteer Alert Volunteer Group consisting of 50 Chinese students. We have established the traditional market as the first market for first aid, and we have done activities such as the production of Chinese panels with 80 menu menus, supporting Chinese interpretation, Chinese basic education for merchants and market cleanup.

In addition, we will also release a video that will present the Tongan Market to the Sewa Duty Free Shops (SNS), such as Wei Bo, Wei Chat, and Mei Pai, and enable customers to buy coupon bonuses to help Chinese consumers to market I actively supported them.

In the first phase held in the main hall of the Shilla Duty Free Shop in Jangchung-dong, Seoul, there were about 70 Chinese people attending volunteer activities, including Chinese students, Chinese student presidents and Shilla Duty Free shop.

At the ceremony, volunteers presented their UCC videos created to inform visitors about places they visited while studying in Korea. An introductory five-seater video in Seoul, including Changchung-dong, Gyeongri Dangil, Yeonnam-dong, Hyehwa-dong, and Sukchon Tongin Market, which students took part in the screenplay scenario to record and edit, will be released using Silla DFS SNS and Chinese Wanghong SNS channel.

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