Tuesday , January 19 2021

Medical column / cancer mortality rate 1. lung cancer, early detection is important

Korea's Health Care Association Chungbuk National University

(Tong Yang Ilbo Shinbuk reporter) The main symptoms of lung cancer are cough, coughing (blood clotting), dyspnoea and chest pain. However, it is known that about 5-15% of actual lung cancer is diagnosed with abnormalities of simple X-rays on a physical examination without any symptoms. Early lung cancer may be a bit of a symptom, and it is important that lung cancer symptoms may be similar to most symptoms of the respiratory system, including colds.

Even 75% of lung cancer patients report frequent coughs, but smokers can easily cough because they think it is a cigar. Therefore, if coughing and splitting continue to exist, it is better to consult specialists. Sputum is a symptom that can be a large amount at the end of lung cancer, but since it is initially low, it is necessary to get specialist consultations without neglecting a small amount.

As mentioned earlier, lung cancer may be confused with other early symptoms, and in some cases it is important to quickly detect it through screening. Simple X-ray X-ray picture is the most basic and simplest test for lung cancer detection as a lump. However, simple chest radiographs usually require a hammer larger than 5 mm, so it is not possible to detect the lump until it becomes a progressive background. Sometimes, the back of the heart, the periphery of the heart, the surrounding blood vessel, it is possible that a web site can be created. Therefore, CT images have recently been introduced in lung cancer screening to determine the site and tumor progression.

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