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PGA Tour Woods 11th place or more, to play 3rd place

Photo = Yonhap News

Photo = Yonhap News

"Golf Emperor" Tiger Woods (USA) has withdrawn from the Northern Trust, the first PGA Tour FedEx Cup playoff game to appear in Part 2 of Game 14.

Woods performed at the BMW World War II Championship in white T-shirts and light blue shorts, according to US sports media ESPN. Woods said, "I'm feeling good. Much better than last week, I was feeling well this morning and I think I might try another game."

He had earlier resigned on Wednesday, complaining of back pain just before the second round of the Northern Trust. This is the first time you have abstained during the competition since your last surgery in April 2017. In the first round, he stayed at the bottom of the table and hit 4 over par 75. Due to back pain, he did not have full swing in the second half of the professional arm, even before the first round.

Due to first-round refrain, the FedEx Cup rankings dropped from 28th to 38th. Only the top 30 players can make it to the Tour, the third round of the playoffs. In the second round of Medina CC, Illinois, age 15, they must rank as high as possible to qualify for the Tour. The PGA Tour predicted, "We should consider other players' performances, but Woods will have to score 11th or more in the second half to reach the 30th."

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