Sunday , March 7 2021

Shin Eun-mi & # 39; Shunbuke's Controversy North Korean Refugees Turn To Hell … Mostly Fiction Story & # 39;

(Photo: Yonhap News)
[이데일리 이재길 기자] Shin Eun-mi (57), Korean-Americans who were banned from entering the country for controversy over "Seongbuk's lecturing," criticized the National Security Act at a ceremony held in Korea.

Shin said he was a visiting speaker at the Korea Korean Festival Debate held in Uyyongbi, Gyeonggi Province, claiming that some North Korean escorts appearing in the show contribute to the "demonization of North Korea."

"We've basically washed our brain with fake news and funny anti-communist education," Shin said in a 13-minute video.

"Some of the defectors who appeared in the shows also contribute to the demonization of the North Koreans," he said.

Shin also criticized the National Security Act, complaining that the ban on his entry was unjustified. "The National Security Act also plays a role in completely blocking North Korea information." Even if the truth is about North Korea, if it is positive, it is a violation of the National Security Act. "

Shin also said he was forced to leave the country only after saying he had traveled nine times in the last seven years. He said, "I was forced to leave the country for violating the National Security Act," he said. "Daedong beer beer is delicious," "the number of mobile phones in North Korea is one million" and "the river is pure".

At the "National Tour Talk Concert" held from November to December 2014, Mr. Shin commented on the positive assessment of the North Korean regime, and there was a conflict over the north-south conflict. In this case, Shin was forced to leave the country in 2015 for violating the National Security Act, and a re-entry for five years is forbidden.

The event, led by the Uijeongb Theater Company, was attended by Lee Janghee, the president of the United Nations Peace Union coalition and Kim Jae-yeon, a former member of the Progressive Progressive Party.

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