Saturday , June 19 2021

Singapore, false news abandoned on Facebook

[아시아타임즈=윤승조 기자] The Singaporean MP has accused Facebook of ignoring false news. He increased the fake news on Facebook and called for strict regulations on social media companies.

"I thought Facebook would work closely with the authorities in Singapore to speed up false facts published on the Internet, but they refused to remove the lie that struck Singapore," Reuters said on Tuesday (May 21st). "He said.

Facebook has recently published a fake news that the Malaysian 1MDB scandal is linked to Singapore's bank, and the government has asked the government to abolish it, but Facebook has rejected it. Facebook said it banned content that could potentially cause violence or bodily injury but did not have a policy of fake facts.

Singapore police investigate local blog The Online Citizen & # 39; for this false news.

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