Samsung iTest

Changing the ecosystem from Android to iOS or vice versa can be traumatic for some users. It is also very common on Android. Use another custom layerSo it sometimes seems to be a completely different operating system.

I am an iPhone user I’m interested in how the Galaxy works with a custom One UI layer., Now thanks to the web you can do it without going to the store and buying a smartphone from a Korean manufacturer. You can do this without leaving the iTest sofa.

You don’t need to go to the store or ask friends to have their smartphone use the One UI. One of the best layers of personalization It can be found in the Android ecosystem.

Samsung iTest

When you visit on your iPhone, Website shortcut on iPhone. This process creates a web application. When launched, you will see the interface of your Samsung Galaxy. If you look at the page in another browser, you will see the QR code to be scanned by your iPhone camera.

Through this website we Interaction with the user interface, Access configuration options (can’t communicate) and apply custom themes via Galaxy Store.

Press the camera Pictures of Logan Dodds show tips, Displays all the options provided by one user interface in the camera application. While using the web application, you will receive various simulated text messages in which you can check the notification interface.

We can’t deny it The idea is interestingHowever, it is somewhat lacking due to certain limitations, but it is always better than none. You will need at least iPhone 7 to run this website.