Friday , August 6 2021

Sports Korea: Real, Czech Republic 5-0 victory over anger … Benzema 11G 1 Goal to Escape

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[스포츠한국 이재호 기자] Real Madrid won 5-0 in rage on the Czech expedition. Victorian Plzen, who won 2-1 at home, and front-runner Karim Benzema scored two goals in the recent 11-line loss game.

Real Madrid won 5-0 at Doosan Arena in the Czech Republic on May 8 at 5 pm in the UEFA Champions League Group G v Victoria Plzeň 2018-2019 UEFA Champions League.

Real Madrid, who won 2-1 at home, criticized for their performance at the time. Real Madrid, who recently replaced the manager, made Kasemir in the 23rd minute at the start for Benzema, while Tony Cruz helped him in 20 minutes.

In 37 minutes, Benjamin's Gareth Bale hit his second goal and Gareth Bale scored 40th in the 40th minute. Real Madrid scored four goals in the first half, announcing Sergio Ramos, 21-year-old Habi Sánchez and Vinícius Jr. in the second half. Still, Toni Cruz added another hit for Vinnieas Jr. 22 minutes into the second half to finish the win 5-0.

Real Madrid won 3-1 with Group G, and Benzema hoped to survive in a multi-goal situation that was only one goal in the last 11 games. Cruz had 1 goal and 2 goals, and Veil had 1 goal and 1 goal.

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