Monday , May 17 2021

16,000 euros and 60 days in bed. NASA Seeks Women for Research – Science – – iTech

By completing women for the upcoming study, astronomers want to better explore and understand how to protect the human body from the negative effects of microgravity.

These so-called sleep studies are conducted by NASA together with German and European space agencies. The first part of the artificial gravity bed study was launched on March 25, while the second part, still requiring volunteers, will last from September to December 2019, NASA says.

Was anyone lying in bed with gravity in the universe?

When a person is tilted under the body, the position of the body causes the body fluid to flow over time in the direction of the head. The same process in the body is perceived by astronauts who have long been in a disadvantageous or micro-gravitational state.

Watching people in 60 days where the head is six degrees lower than the body, scientists are hoping to develop strategies to help astronomers in space combat the negative consequences of microgravity.

Centrifuge and artificial gravity

The second test method for the participant will be a centrifuge, where they will have to turn 30 minutes per day to create artificial gravity and allow fluid circulation in the body.

In a new study, scientists are looking for women who do not speak German-speaking smoking at the age of 24 to 55 who will be paid 16,500 euros.

Sleep study will last 89 days – 15 days for acclimatization, 60 days of sleep and 14 days of rest. Participants will be in separate rooms and will sleep all day.

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