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Because of Hao, after firefighting police consider limiting the number of viewers on such massive events ::

One of the top events of celebration – the light show "Sun Life"
– In the center of Riga, on the banks of Daugava, more than 100 people gathered
thousands of inhabitants. Many of them are terrible and scary
It characterizes the moment immediately after the end of the fireworks, when everyone is acquainted
At the same time he tried to leave the embankment. The state police at the same time points out
The situation was controlled, however, enabling – so massive mass in the future
events can limit the number of viewers.


  • It seems that many people are afraid of a hundred years of fireworks.
  • The police point to controlling the situation.
  • At the same time, the police acknowledge that the number of visitors could be limited in the future.
  • The Rigas satiksme and the passenger train were not counted on a huge number of people.

Watching the masses of people before the fireworks of all
The sky flooded the kayak of November 11th, it was clear
The floral culmination will gather a lot of people. And so it was. court
more than 100,000 viewers who gradually filled the Daugava River
Shore and cover and stone bridge, closing fireworks
he tried to go all the time.

Many social network users later described it horribly
and scary, pointing to excitement and excitement. Part
Getting to know parents, including parents with small children, tried to get out of the cash register
a big crowd, but in the direction of the Old Town it was difficult to move.

Physician, celebrant Roberts Furmanis, is considered a holiday
The organizers acted irresponsibly: "What I saw was
destroyed by various obstacles, chaotic cars, ads
banners, various other obstacles that prevented the crowd from moving freely.
A lot of backs began to be pushed heavily, there were many children,
many people who were simply broken.

The irresponsible behavior of responsible institutions has made it a celebration of the nightmare and could turn them into a tragedy. "

The state police, which was responsible for the flow of visitors
The Decree considers the situation to be controlled, however, recognizing the embankment
so many visitors are not appropriate and the population would be
You have to consider whether you are trying to enter the audience, for example, with very young children

"There is a very narrow place, bridges, lots of people, and in the future
we mean services to delimit, there will be separate places where
will be able to come, but it was a one-year event, "the state commented
Artis Velss, Deputy Chief of Police.

When he succeeded in dropping off, many holiday visitors opposed
The next problem is how to get home. Riga Traffic explains this
additional travels have traveled on individual routes, but transportation is significant
leaving crowds of people traveling along August.

"The police did not open traffic to a very large number of places
and it is also understandable because it can not be put in a crowd of people
cars These shifts were seen at the time on the trams as well
bus and trolleybus for up to two hours, "said Riga
traffic "by Viktora Zakisa

"Passenger train" announced a call before the holidays
Just a train for safe and secure living after fireworks, however
Eyewitness video shows that wagons are so conquerors
he could not close the door, but the people to whom it was the only opportunity
The house, however, tried to get into overcrowded trains.

"Passenger train" said all trains had extra
two wagons, as well as see the influx of people, even after the 23rd was
two trips to Ogre and Sloka were awarded. The company admitted it
so many visitors obviously do not expect anyone, and
he will learn from him later.

"Passenger train" is supposed to have so many passengers left
The train gate, as well as part of the Riga residents, can not be expected
city ​​public transport, tried the residential buildings of the capital
get by train.

Despite the unpleasant situation after the fireworks, experts celebrate the 100th anniversary of the celebration.

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