Monday , March 8 2021

Chaos and clutter take away energy at home – 4 rational tips for action

Here are some tips on how to arrange things at home.

Do it like this:

● The things we love, use and enjoy have a positive effect on our subconscious, so we should leave them alone in the living space, but separate from everything else. The easiest way to get this out of the room – room or kitchen – is to do a lot of furniture. Then each subject is judged according to their feelings, whether I like it and whether it is useful to me. Get rid of everything that comes to your mind – maybe one day it will be useful – without regret.

● If you have little time to empty the entire room, focus on one thing, such as a kitchen drawer with cutlery. Unload it blank, then take each item in hand and consider the last use, whether it is practical or makes you happy.

Also keep decorative and interior items in your room only if you feel joy, pleasure or satisfaction while watching.

● Unfortunately, saving campaigns, early rise and running a household only help for a short time, as it is not a habit to think regularly and consider your expenses, to dust off when it is almost imperceptible. However, the habit of regularly cleaning the house, washing clothes is created only if a certain activity is repeated over and over again. Such a new program takes over the brain only after about 30 days. Then it has taken its place in the subconscious and man no longer thinks about it.

■ Reloading documents or old magazines from one side of the table to the other only interferes with work and strains the brain. Therefore, do not put a dirty cup of coffee from the table on the kitchen table, but immediately in the sink. Immediately sew the missing button, not dropping it on the nightstand. If you invest minutes in each activity, you won’t have to spend hours later.

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