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Christmas night battlefield. Part 1 "Eliya Dreams" / LR1 / / Latvian radio

Poets and Rifles – Janis Akuraters, Karlis Skalbes and Edvars Virzas memories of the First World War when they were all together in one of the four regiments of Zemgale, commanded by Jukums Vācietis. All three poets saw the scenes of the same war. And each of them has left his testimony …

In the summer of 1914, the First World War began. John Akuraters wrote that the world war "suddenly, for the whole time of the sun, ended his life, by tapping with his mystical sword", also his dreams and dreams.

Janis Akuraters, Karlis Skalbe, Edvars Virza voluntarily joined the Russian military corps formed in the Russian army in the fall of 1916.

Jānis Akuraters wrote in his diary on November 23, 1916, as he talked with the officers in Latvia about the tasks to be done, one of which was writing the chronicle of the war. The history of the Latvian Regiment must be written in such a way that every host can read it later on Sunday morning for his family on behalf of his spouse. The special strategy of the Latvian warriors, above all Commander of Zemgale Yukuma Vācietis, included poets, artists and musicians in his army, not putting them into the first battles of soldiers, but sending him in charge of sanitary, correspondence, war chronicles, putting these sophisticated, sensitive, aesthetic experience of those who disrupted the cruelty of warriors, a bunch of corpses, the death and courage of soldiers, and in such a situation to speak in a patriotic art language that will inspire Latvian rifles. It was a road to our country.

Scriptwriters – Viktors Jansons, Maira Valtere. Director Victor Jansson.

Production includes Kaspars Znotins, Vilis Daudzins, Ģirts Krumins

Composer – Jānis Ķirsis. The Art-and-Shock Music Group – Agnese Eglin, Elina Endzele, Guna Sneu. Solista Ruta Duduma.

Sound Directors – Gustav Ērenpreiss and Andis Ploks. Manufacturer – Māra Eglīte. Editor – Alda Briede.

Radio decoration dedicated to the centennial of the Latvian state. Recorded at the Latvian Radio Theater in 2018.

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