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Croatia will also celebrate the 100th birthday of Latvia

Photo: Eddy Pallens / LETA

The Tartu Latvian Association will celebrate the centennial of the Latvian state from November 9th to 18th with a comprehensive program at the National Museum of Estonia and the Tartufi University, informs Ilze Salnāja, the representative of the Society.

Estonia's Latvian Ambassador to Estonia Raimonds Jansons will open the Latvian week in Tartarus on November 9 at noon. 11 with the exhibition of Zaigas Stein's photograph in the lobby of the University of Tartu, foreign languages ​​and foreign colleges for culture. Photos at the exhibition reflect the song and dance festival of Latvian students.

November 10, at noon 16 in the Estonian National Museum the exhibition – the concept of Latvian literature "iintrovert" ("Introvert") will be opened. This campaign was designed specifically for the London Book of 2018 marketplace, where are honored writers and publishers from the Baltic states.

Latvia is presented as a nation of introverted writers with a series of "Jesus Christ." by artist Rein Peterson, In a slightly changed form the exhibition will now be visible in Tartu. Latvian poet Artis Ostups, who is currently studying at the University of Tartu doctoral program, will attend the opening of the exhibition and share his views on introverted literature.

November 10 at noon 20:30 Within the popular IDiekJazz festival at the National Museum of Estonia, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the performance of the orchestra Rihards Lībiete.

November 11 at noon 13 The National Museum of Estonia will host the exhibition of artist Dace Dēliņš-Lipskas "Saucējas". The artist was devoted to the power of the Spiritual Spirit of Kurzeme, a strong awareness of his identity, and the joyful lust of his costumes.

In his anthropological travels, Dace Dilsli-Lipska gained knowledge of similar ancient ethnic traditions in Estonia – Seth and Kihno, who kept their ancient traditions and traditions to date. In the contemporary message about the theme of national identity – the painting cycle "Saucējas", the artist also portrayed Alsunga's apartment and Seth and Kihna women from Estonia. The exhibition, with its own sound, was filled with a collection of Latvian folklore "Saulesmeitas" from Tīnūzi.

November 11 at noon 16 in cooperation with the Baltic Defense Institute and the Embassy of the Republic of Latvia in Estonia, in memory of soldiers in honor of the killed soldiers, there will be annual fireworks and singing of a common Latvian anthem at the cemetery of the Latvian Archer and refugees at the cemetery at Novi Jani.

November 16 at noon 15 Latvian poet Guntars Godins will present at the University of Tartu the most widely read Estonian works of art, the latest translation of the epic "Kalevdēls" in Latvian, as well as the intention of the new translation and the details of this work.

November 17th all day The National Museum of Estonia will feature Latvian art films from the Gold Fund of the Latvian Cinema and will also be able to visit the museum guide with a special focus on the latitudes of the history of Latvia and Estonia. At noon The folk dance ensemble "Mezābele" will be held.

November 18thOn the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the proclamation of Latvia, the National Museum of Estonia will host an extensive celebration program during the day. The participants will be offered free guided tours with special attention at the intersections of Latvia and Estonia – at noon. The 11th tour will be held in Estonian, at noon. 14 in Latvian.

The festive feeling was the Latvian bread market, where you will be able to buy a variety of crafts and crafts. The museum will have the opportunity to watch the centenary celebration of the Republic of Latvia for display live on the screen at the entrance to the museum.

At noon 17 The concert will feature the Latvija drum and dudes group "Auļi", which in its music reflects the depth of traditional music.


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