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Debut "the presence of Jānis Ruņģis" comes out in the sky "Beyond Mind" / Article / LSM.LV

"Jānis Ruņģis Presence" debut album "Out of the Mind" came slowly but thoroughly. Five of its singles have already been released, and the extravagant local guitarist and songwriter Janis Ruņģis has fulfilled his promise, giving his story a hundred years to Latvia.

The album "Outside of the Mind" is a compilation of Ivan's many years of music experience, whose first original songs have been made in 2012, the musician has informed him. "At that time the concept of presence and the first son of Bernard came into being," says Ruhngis. "Carefully and patiently round the right version of each song". The shot was relatively fast because it was painted in the home studio, possibly the best engineer of Gata Zaike's "Instruments".

Most of the instruments by Janis Ruņģis played the same. Similarly, all the songs have also collapsed, without any music supplements. So Rudolf Dunkfeld volunteered to sit on drums, but Walter Pūce came to his studio with his powerful cello. Gatis Zaķis also played percussion in one song, but mostly worried about high-quality sound and hard-to-find advice.

Five songs released during the year, or four singles, were made up of videos by Ugis Olte, Rihards Gaucis, Miks Raman and Kristaps Ločmelis.

"With the first album it creates, it is a willingness to leave as much real life as possible for a certain time, so that we can identify different people who have experienced and lived a lot of lives," Ruhng continues. "Most of the songs on the distress pain with the mother's first child and the healing of the wounds, time and space, god and devil, peace and anxiety, life and death, as well as the half-truths of the inner and outer world are not here …"

Until now, Ruņģis worked more like a creative musician, with the participation of artists such as Aminata, Linda Leen, Gustavo, Elza Rosenthal, Kristin Praulin and other recordings. He collaborated with Denis Paškevičius, Matisse Cudar, Reina Ozolina, Kaspar Kurda, Rihard Fedotova, Rudolf Macat and others while playing with the Latvian National Symphony Orchestra, the Liepaja Symphony Orchestra, the Chamber Orchestra Sinfonietta Riga, the Chamber Orchestra Vidzeme, singer Guntar Ruhniem – and much more.

The new album was designed by Didzis Bardo, but all of the publicity photos were created by Helena Spridzan. With the release of a debut album, John's creative life does not stop at all. Currently, the Latin spy-rock group "Spāre", added last year's "Masa" album, also nominated for the Austras Music Award, is also current, but the third studio album will be released shortly.

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Since November 21, the album is available on the bandcamp webcast resource, and will soon be available in other streaming and download services.

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