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EATER NEWS. Rak Locielis: I'm not afraid of dying – Evening News

Former Armed Forces Officer and Actress Ziedon Ločmelis (58) openly talks about his diagnosis – non-Hodgkin's lymphoma or lymphatic cancer, which was discovered last November when he went to a doctor because he was in disgust.

Many have a shock when they know the diagnosis

"When such a diagnosis is made, the key is not to give up and believe in one's own strength. We're all strong. Many even do not know how serious they are. This situation did not cause shock or panic in me. I'm not ashamed of death because it's just as natural a process as a birth. All of us will ever die, just the way and the way that will happen different for everyone. I respect myself and my opponent. Cancer I experience as my opponent, whom I respect. The key is not to give up, because cancer does not mean it's all over. Cancer can overcome. Each individual has to make a difference in this fight. If you give up and become negative, the result will not be encouraging. If you struggle and follow your doctor's instructions, cancer can be overcome. I believe everything will be all right. In connection with this diagnosis, many people write and call me. Many have a shock when they find out about such a diagnosis. The woman with her husband diagnosed with cancer reported to me because she was desperate and did not know what to do. The kids were crying, but her husband was ready to give up and thought life was over. Talking with her, trying to help and support the morale, saying that she must be shaken because nothing is over. After a while I met this man, who now feels much better, he follows the doctor's instructions closely and continues to fight. The situation in the family is also normalized.

When I was in the hospital department, I saw cancer patients and disappeared right away. I tried to cheer up.

In times of hardship, society is sympathetic

I always try to help others if they can not financially, then at least morally. Of course, nobody knows who's waiting around the corner. Also, the nose is a disease that is not pleasant, it is easier to conquer. Cancer is the most serious disease. A person who has to undergo various irradiation and chemotherapy procedures is not a sweet food, but not as terrible as it is written. In this case, it is crucial to listen to the advice of professional doctors and to use traditional medicine instead of going to shaman and herbal teas because then the situation becomes even worse.

I went through the chemotherapy course, drank antibiotics, and now I'm home. I would like to congratulate the professionalism of Latvian doctors and medical staff, and especially to thank Ingrid Udre, head of the Department of Hematology at the Clinical Hospital of Riga Eastern Eastern Clinical University Hospital. I also want to thank everyone who donated my money. If donations exceed the cost of treatment, I will help others.

Before I was diagnosed, I also donated to those who needed it. In difficult moments our society is very sympathetic and united, I felt it even when I experienced barricades, "says Ziedonis Ločmelis about my life changing and experiences gained in the fight against cancer.

Supported by family and friends

He is currently trying to edit the necessary disability documents. Ločmelis reveals that there is still no paid employment, and his wife took care of the material side of the family. He reveals – how he always worked and took care of others, for him it was an unusual situation.

Ziedonis also thanks the reporter Sandy Semjonov who made a video call with a call to the donation.

Ziedonis Ločmelis is closely related to the film field. He is a recording or military advisor in 40 different films. In 2014 she won the National Cinema "Lielais Kristaps" for the role of the second best film in "Jim Rye Ore". Also filmed in the Latvian dungeon «Nameja ring» and in the film «Riga gard». Ločmelis will be seen in the upcoming historical film "The Bird of the Soul".

If you also want to help Ziedonis Ločmelis, then the donation can be attributed to the "Swedbank" account: LV23HABA0551006353297, with the indication "donations for treatment".

"Evening news" want strength, endurance and successful treatment!

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