Friday , March 5 2021

Government Commission to Discuss Emergency Situation in NMPD Riga Regional Center – Latvia – News

He reminded that on Monday, November 12, Minister of Health Andy Cacao (ZZS) met Liene Cipuli, the head of the NMPD, and then plans to discuss this issue at the Government's Cabinet.

It has already been reported that the NMPD has decided to announce an emergency medical situation in the Riga regional center in connection with the fact that physicians are mostly abandoned.

As Cypriot manager told reporters, "massive doctor's departure" is in service, coupled with the dissatisfaction of high-load medical staff and disproportionately low salaries as well as the uncertainty that the medical fee will be taken next year.

Cipule emphasized that, in order to resolve the situation, attention would be devoted to planning teamwork and sorting the call, which would result in more frequent rejection of people in cases where human life is not endangered.

According to Cipule, it is currently planning to talk to the Ministry of Health (MoW) and the Government to seek solutions to this problem. The service will provide indicators and data for its work to both the Ministry of Defense and the Government.

At the same time, Cipule stressed that there is no reason for concern for the population that emergency assistance will not be provided because services will continue to work at a common rhythm, ie life and health in the event of direct threats will surely be secured.

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