Sunday , April 11 2021

Groupe Renault and Faurecia will work together to develop a hydrogen storage system

Faurecia and Groupe Renault are announcing a decision to establish a partnership to develop a hydrogen storage system for hydrogen-powered light commercial vehicles.

From the end of 2021, Faurecia will provide hydrogen storage systems for its first fleet of light trucks. These systems will be developed and manufactured at the company’s global center of expertise in Bavans, France. As volume increases, production will expand, and part will be provided by Faurecia’s new hydrogen storage plant under construction in Allenjoie, France.

Mathias Miedreich, Deputy CEO of Faurecia Clean Mobility, said:

“This partnership perfectly reflects our shared vision of expanding the use of hydrogen as a cornerstone of the energy transition, as well as the ideal solution for zero-emission mobility. By 2030, fuel cell electric vehicle technology is expected to become increasingly important in the powertrain range, and Faurecia invests significant resources to accelerate its implementation. “

Gilles le Borgne, Deputy CEO of Groupe Renault Engineering, added:

“This collaboration on hydrogen storage systems is part of our strategy to offer market-ready hydrogen solutions for light commercial vehicles and ultimately secure 30% of this fast-growing market share in Europe. It supports the common goal of our and our Plug Power partner to create a unique, complex , an ecological value chain for hydrogen and fuel cells, as well as the development of value-added activities in France.

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