Saturday , January 16 2021

High temperature and quick call – Drugs complain of unjustified calls – Society and politics – News

Social networking has been much debated at a rigid location Facebook The record was published in which the man says that the Emergency Medical Service (NMPD) Call Brigade paid him 40 euros.

"At the beginning of October I called my wife for quick help, she had a high temperature and stayed bad, we called the doctors tonight." Today we get a bill, we pay taxes, and some of them go to health care. "Why are we still paying for extra help for quick help? Once in a lifetime, are you writing with the laws?"

The TV show revealed that the Air Traffic Controller did not want to send emergency aid at first because high temperatures were the only symptom, so the incident could not be considered urgent.

The caller insisted on sending the brigade, while the controller warned that it would be a fee service.

Most social network users are condemned by a writer, but some are also blamed for doctors.

To not break the law on patients, doctors avoid commenting on a particular incident. However, they admit that similar cases are common and say that around 12,000 different calls per day are not considered urgent.

"Unfortunately, in our daily lives, we are facing situations where people have health problems and need help but are not emergency, because life is not endangered," says Ilze Buka, spokeswoman for NMPD.

The NMPD plans to talk more about the circumstances in which an operational brigade should be called. If you encounter, for example, headaches, ear, neck, vomiting, diarrhea, trauma or worsening of chronic illness, then it is advisable to call a family physician. If the health worries worsened in the evening, call the counseling number 66016001. However, if you need a night hospital, the car does not have to be used as a taxi.

Every day in Latvia there are about 170 medical teams, located in hundreds of different places. About half the call is not necessary and can be addressed in some other way, such as GP.

Emergency assistance is mandatory when the victim is unconscious, has difficulty breathing, serious bleeding or other signs that endanger life – notifies the program Turn around.

It has already been said that the NMPD decision announced an emergency medical situation in the regional center of Riga, due to the fact that doctors largely leave the job. A solution to the situation will focus on teamwork planning and call sorting, which will result in more frequent rejection of people in cases where human life is not endangered.

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