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Ideas such as Lacplesis Day Celebration or Alternative Candlesticks in the Nasch – Harmony – Egoiste

Liepaja: On November 11th, at 17:00, Jana Chakste, Liepaja and city guests are invited to enjoy the concert of the Lacplesis Day with Marija Bērziņa, actor of the Latvian National Theater, singer Atis Zviedris and pianist Normund Kalniņš. In turn, from 5.30 pm, all interested parties are invited to participate in the torch walks, so at 18.00, on a solemn step from John Cakste Square, you go to Northern Graves. At the closing of the walking walk, a memorial event will be held with solemn exhibitions of representatives of the Liepaja City Council and representatives of the national armed forces in the northern cemetery on monuments of freedom fighters around 18.45. Music performances are performed by Juris Jope, tenor of the Latvian National Opera and Ballet, together with guitarist Linard Schwenk. Program

In the capital, find out the Lacplesis Day events on the wall of the castle

PHOTO: Zane Bitere / LETA

On November 11 this year, from 19:00 to 22:00, within the framework of the Lacplesis Day, the projection screen "1919 / Latvian story" will be displayed on the facade of the castle in Riga. The projection in the evening of November 11 on the facade of the Riga Castle will enable everyone to follow events of 100 years and to understand the events of that time in Daugavpilje. Historical events from the time of the establishment of the Interim Government in 1918 to the Independence War in Riga on 11 November 1919 will be visible in a simple and understandable way. A ten-minute story will give you an opportunity to learn the course of the war for the independence and popularity of the Latvian people in defending their country and the government.

Dan Lacplese Concert "The Fall of the Stars"

This year, at the Lacplesis Day concert in St. Petersburg, the national choir of the Republic of Latvia will perform "Stars" under the leadership of Ariel Skepas's conductor. The concert program includes works from the concert series "Latvian Composers for Century of Latvia" devoted to the centenary of the State Academy Choir, as well as original songs, arrangements and folk songs by Arija Šķekada. The concert will also include compositions by Imants Kalnins, Uldis Mariļevičs, Raimonds Tiguls, Valta Pūces, Armand Strazda, Karlis Rūtentāls and Janis Aispurs. Entrance to the concert: from noon to 3:30 pm.

Latvian songwriters Concert "Liberty Songs Latvia"

PHOTO: Ieva Chicka / LETA

In the Great Hall of the Latvian Society's Riga, the song "Songs for Free Latvia" will be held on November 11th at 16:00, with vocalists – Vittorio, Harald Sīmanis, Inga Karpić, Vincent and Rihards Kūkoji, Uldis Ozols, Arnis Miltiņš, Silvia Silava, Kristīne. Locika, Kristaps Sudmalis, Andris Miuculis, Eriks Pozemkovskis and others Austrasbērni, as well as the Ethiopian company Zeidi. Concert Lacplesis Daya is chaired by singer Valdis Atals. Entrance for free.

PHOTO: Sintija Zandersone / LETA

The VEF Cultural Palace this year marks the Day of Laccepter, marking November 11th, when the legendary Skygroup group will enter the celebrated, emotionally crowded event of Lacplesis Day in the history of Latvia on November 11, with an ambitious night concert. At the concert, band Skyforger will play Latvian Latvian Strēlnieki songs, subduing listeners during the First World War, speaking of fierce battles in Riga, Lozmeeting Hill, Death Island and elsewhere in Zemgale, the heroes of artillery that protect Latvian land from foreign invaders. Not long before midnight, at noon. 22.30 Visitors of the expected event with Latvian rifles and soldiers who are fighting freedom will be able to warm up the special guests of the Vilka Wolves team, worshiping the Latvian soldiers.

"Daugavpils quiet evening"

November 11 From 20:00 to 12:00 PM, we invite you to the event of the Lacplesis Day "Quiet Evening at Daugavpils" in the Church of the Savior in Anglican, Riga. The event will be opened by organist Kristina Adamaite with outstanding musicians – opera singer Ieva Parks and saxophonist Arti Sīmanis. Concert program "Singing a New Song" is performed by Latvian composers Andrejs Jansons, Aivars Kalē, Madara Kalniņa, Ilze Reine and Valda Zilvera.

Film Premiere of "White Tribes"

At the evening of Lacplesis, Latvian television will offer the premiere of television for the popular film documentary "The Baltic Tribes" of the Abeļi brothers, produced by the National Film Center "Latvian Film for the Century of Latvia". The Last Gentian of Europe. "The film was also nominated for the National Cinema" Big Kristaps ", the" White Tribe "story of 13th century people who later formed the Latvian nation. The main film of the film, the merchant Lars Gotland, has gone on a journey through the lands where the Curons, Latgalliani, Selyas, Zemgalis, Happiness, Driving, Gallindas, Uplands and Samogitians live, all of the tribes that Lars meet at that time reached the highest level of development. reconstructions and scaffolding combined with computer animation and the text of the scientists on the background provide an insight into the lives of the last nations of Europe, the ancient peoples of the Baltic region.

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