Friday , August 6 2021

In Latvia, this year, 9% less milk was purchased than a year ago

According to the European Commission (EC), in January 2018, 107.55 million tonnes of milk were purchased in the European Union, which is 1.5% or 1.5 million tonnes more than a year ago.

In August this year, the purchase of milk in the EU was 0.1% lower than the previous year.

Meanwhile, in Latvia for nine months this year, 5% less milk was purchased in the whole than 2017.

Since the second quarter of this year, EU powdered milk provided less monthly products than in 2017. Meanwhile, EU butter and cheese production rose by 2% over the previous year. And this year, drinking milk and cream, but less acidic dairy products is less produced.

The EU's main dairy exports are lower than in 2017. The export of skimmed milk powder fell by 1% in the period from January to August, butter exports decreased by 12%, and cheese exports fell by 0.8%. This year, the EU exported milk for 4% less, 21% less condensed milk, while the total export of powdered milk fell by 14%.

The export of baby food to the EU grew by 14% over that period, the export of yogurt to the EU by 6%, and the export of lactose by 4%. EU exports of skimmed-milk powder to China increased by 3%, EU exported baby food to China by 27%, and EU lactose exported to China by 65%.

EU butter exports to Japan grew by 40 percent and cheese exports to the EU to Japan by 14 percent. The EU cheese exports also increased to Lebanon, Switzerland, but dropped by 7% in the US, 15% in Chile and 26% in Korea.

EU skimmed-milk powder in the EU is exported 19% in Algeria this year, 56% in Singapore, 62% in Egypt, 62% in Bangladesh and 90% in Bangladesh.

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