Wednesday , July 28 2021

In the case of "Lielvārde vēsts", the former mayor of Āboliņša will have to return the state to 600 000 euros / article / LSM.LV

County Court Zemgale in Ogre, accepting the lawsuit of the BiH Prosecutor's Office, stated that Lielvārde Börsel was invalid and the signing of the bill, then President Lielvarde Jānis Āboliņš was ordered to charge a state fee of 602,223 euros, according to a statement by the Prosecutor's Office.

Compensation is calculated on the basis of the Civil Procedure Act. The Tribunal's compensation of 8 November from Aboline will also be charged at the cost of the trial – 34.65 euros. The same amount will have to pay to the state of Latvia from Riverside HK Ltd., with which Abobins signed the contract.

Within 20 days of the decision, an appeal may be lodged at the Zemgale Regional Court.

Clover decides to appeal against the court's decision. Former Mayor Lielvarde believes the transaction is not completed at all. Therefore, the court can not state that it is no longer valid.

"I believe this bill was not signed, the signed document was a draft contract, no document, no evidence presented to the court, which would mean that the transaction was concluded. [..] If this agreement is concluded and the creditor will go to court, that would only be the point at which this claim should be considered. Basically, the lawsuit should be dismissed, and I also ask the court to do so. However, the court did not take into account these arguments and did not even look at the verdict, "Abobins said.

LETA Agency reports this

The state police in this case are still investigating major fraud.


In November 2015, then the mayor of Lielvard County Council, Aboliņš, signed a "bill" for only 200m euros on behalf of the Lielvarde municipality. Subsequently, the Municipality appealed to the Office for Prevention and Combating Corruption (KNAB) and the State Attorney's Office to examine the legality of the Aboliņa's actions. After almost a year of reanimation, KNAB refused to initiate criminal proceedings because there was no evidence that the offenses were committed with direct intent.

However, the State Attorney's Office abolished KNAB's decision and ordered an additional check. In March last year, the prosecution announced that criminal proceedings for running AboLine were initiated and sent to the Police Crime Investigation Service for investigation.

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